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Based in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, we create award-winning digital strategies and conjure up creative content that transforms brands across the UK, guaranteeing that your business stands out in the digital crowd.

Succinct Strategy + Captivating Content = Outstanding Results

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We create award-winning digital strategies that mobilise your online brand presence to increase conversions, whether that be sales, enquiries or lead generation. Digital is an extension to Pixel8, as Google is to search engines.

Connecting with your audience through online channels is ever more crucial. We work with you and your team to deliver a smart solution that works for you - we’re always honest, always on the ball, and pride ourselves on keeping our clients happy. From large brands to small, our team’s portfolio extends across various industries from travel, leisure, sports, hotels, eCommerce, fashion and more. We pride ourselves on delivering digital strategies that integrate fully with your wider marketing strategy to help you skyrocket your leads, sales and enquiries.

Digital Marketing Process

Our proven ‘4D Digital Process’ enables us to work collaboratively with you and your in-house team. With the focus on the data, we work with you to create a digital solution tailored to you and your brand. Our digital marketing methodology has successfully transformed brands large and small across multiple industries, including; hotel and leisure, health and fitness, hospitality, fashion, building and property, not for profit and education sectors.

With the just-right blend of skills and resource, we ensure your business has a future-ready competitive edge - it’s our very own special way of working, and we call it working smarter.

1. Discover

Great digital marketing starts first with fully understanding the objective. Whether that’s driving enquiries or increasing sales, we work collaboratively with you and your team to create and build the core foundation for a strong and successful marketing campaign.

We identify what excites and drives your audience. This allows us to focus on what we do best, delivering on your business’ long-term digital ambitions.

2. Define

Data is everything for digital marketing. In whatever form it may be, Driving data is crucial for a digital marketing strategy to flourish and grow. Regardless of what digital approach we take, we try to drive as much data and traffic as possible to gain as much insight that will inform a truly successful digital strategy.

3. Design

Taking all of the carefully gathered insight and objectives, we’ll develop several routes to achieve your key objectives. Bringing the campaign to life is all about starting the continuous learning process. Whether that be a content marketing strategy or a social media campaign, we’ll develop the most meaningful campaign that really ignites your products or services for your target audience.

4. Deliver

Learning what works and what doesn’t is crucial to every marketing campaign. You know your audience and customer best, but understanding fully how your audience interacts with your brand is important. We explore and analyse all the nuances that differentiate your target customers. In this stage, we use several tools to realise how a campaign is performing fully. This allows us to make several informed decisions that will focus campaigns fully on the user that actually makes a purchase or enquiry.

A great digital marketing strategy never sleeps. We learn from what works best (and what doesn’t) and continually revise our campaign strategies to generate the highest return for the lowest cost. We strive to improve campaigns, often going through the process several times, proactively reacting to gain insight and understanding to ensure your business's future success.

How we work.

Our ‘Working Smarter’ process enables us to work collaboratively with you and your in-house team. With the focus on the data, we work with you to create exciting and engaging digital campaigns tailored to you and your brand's future ambitions.

We know what works and doesn’t in the digital world; we understand what contributes to a brand's longevity and the mistakes that businesses often make that inhibit future growth. Understanding how to develop a successful digital marketing campaign is fundamental to guaranteeing its success on the rollout. Whether your brand is mature and needs a refresh or is preparing for growth, we have the digital know-how and experience to help you achieve your ambitions and future success.


Looking for a conventional or unconventional creative agency that can cultivate and craft beautiful design and deliver digital campaigns that cut through and connect?


    Just a few of the our award-winning brand success stories over the past 20 years.

    Cheadle Hulme School Case Study

    Nigel Daws - Founder

    Nigel is our creative bod, who has spent nearly 30 years creating unique brand experiences for some of the largest brands in the world, so you could say he knows a little bit about this design, digital and brand building lark.

    “I’ve been very fortunate to have collaborated with some very talented creative individuals and ingenious brand managers along the way, who have helped shape my career for the past 30 years and have enabled me to design and build some of the worlds most recognised global brands including Virgin, Manchester United and Crowne Plaza. I have to say it’s always enjoyable working with talented people, using my creative know-how on brands that need that little twist of creative flair to help transform their brand into something extraordinary."

    Jamie Watson - MD

    In my early career, I was client-side with Sainsbury’s and Iceland. Still, I decided to use my knowledge and experience, take the plunge in the creative agency pool, and focus my energy on driving value and giving our clients more bang for their buck.

    “I’m so lucky to work with the talented bunch at Pixel8, an innovative branding, marketing communications and marketing software agency. We have a particular penchant for multi-site operators across hotels, leisure and education, enjoying working at all levels from strategic brand positioning to national digital campaigns and local marketing.”


    Please call our studio and speak to a member of our team on +44 (0) 161 228 6489 or click the 'get in touch' button, fill in the contact form, and we'll call you back to discuss your future vision and explain how our 'Working Smarter' process can help you achieve greater success in future.

    Pixel8 Digital Marketing Awards


    “The Pixel8 team have become a fundamental part of the External Relations team at CHS. They take the time to really understand all our projects, our school and the wider sector, plus they ask the right questions, help us shape the right strategy and respond to any brief with well thought through creative solutions. They push us constantly to try new approaches and genuinely seem to care about our work. I couldn’t recommend the team at Pixel8 highly enough.”

    Frances Kennedy - Director of Development and External Relations, Cheadle Hulme School


    Hilton Hotels