pixel8 logos

From Pong to Pacman to Pixel8


Pixel8 has been on an exciting brand evolution journey over the past 24 years. From the beginning of the digital revolution to the introduction of AI technology, Pixel8 has always been at the forefront of progress, embracing disruption and innovation at every turn.


The beginning

In 1999 Pixel8 entered the Graphic Design world, drawing inspiration from the 80s and 90s design and the bold, vibrant colours of early video games like Pong and Pacman. These influences heavily inspired the early logo designs, featuring dynamic pixelated graphics celebrating the new digital age.


The middle

Over the years, Pixel8’s logos have evolved with the times. From the futuristic font and flared corduroy running-man icon of the early 2000s. To the stripped-back pixelated font and single orange pixel background of 2001. In 2006, Pixel8’s logo became more mature, with a single bold orange pixel block that merged with an inverted pixelated eight symbol.


In 2012, Pixel8’s logo gained even more personality and digital clarity. With a striking, simple design we retained the orange Pixel block from previous logos and revisited the early Orange mobile brand inspiration. This logo identity and supporting brand style served Pixel8 for over a decade, allowing the company to grow confidently into the digital world.


The end (for now)

In 2023, Pixel8’s brand is evolving again with the new PIXEL8 ‘X-Gen’ logo. This bold, modern design uses a Google typeface and emphasises the X, a nod to both the X-Gen directors at Pixel8. The X also aligns with the X4D process built into the Pixel8 model, allowing the company to introduce a new balanced colour across its entire digital fingerprint.


Pixel8’s brand evolution story is one of progress, innovation, and disruption, always embracing the latest technology and trends to stay ahead of the game. The new PIXEL8 ‘X-Gen’ logo is the latest example of our commitment to creating excitement and exploring new opportunities. Allowing us to excel in delivering excellence as we embrace the future with a bold new dynamic brand. 



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