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PRIME marketing launch – The steps to its success


By this point we are almost certain you’ve heard of PRIME energy drink. The brand created by influencers KSI and Logan Paul, best known for their YouTube and boxing careers. KSI and Logan Paul have a combined reach of 39.8 million YouTube subscribers and 37.2 million Instagram followers. So it’s not really a surprise that their joint venture was such a success. With their ability to generate high levels of engagement from their vast following it’s no wonder their joint venture is such a success.


Let’s discuss the marketing tactics and consumer behaviour we have seen during the launch of PRIME that led to its wide success.


Shock and Awe

The use of KSI and Logan Paul’s rocky friendship in the launch of PRIME was very clever. Prior to the launch of PRIME, , the pair were online ‘rivals’, not only in the online YouTube space but also in the offline boxing ring. So, it was a surprise to their audiences when they decided to team up and work together instead of compete. As said in their own words…


‘We created PRIME to showcase what happens when rivals come together as brothers and business partners’


They surprised and delighted fans by turning their first ever Instagram live boxing match into the launch of PRIME back in January of 2022.. This stunt by the dynamic duo instantly grabbed the attention of an already engaged audience and the launch went viral. Fans quickly  enabled  instant brand awareness f  with mostly positive feedback. 



Scarcity is a marketing technique that uses the consumer’s fear of missing out (aka FOMO) to create hype for the product.


When consumers are told they have to act quick to get a product this encourages them to purchase there and then. Examples of this are often seen on clothing websites telling you to ‘act quick’ or ‘only 2 left!’ 


In the UK, ASDA was the only retailer stocking PRIME  limiting the  drinks availability.The panic and FOMO sparked in consumers made the drink sell out nationwide in one day. Since then, the resale prices of PRIME have skyrocketed. Consumers are now willing to pay £15 plus on Ebay and local corner stores, compared to its original retail price of £1.99.


Whilst PRIMEs bottom line isn’t directly affected by resale value, their brand awareness is now one of the highest in the country. Better yet, they have cemented any success in future launches. 


Buying behaviour 

It’s important to consider that emotions play a huge part in consumer behaviour. The consumer’s perception of a brand is not based on facts or brand functionality, it’s based on personal feelings. 


   Persuasiveness ratio of emotion to logic based decisions is 24:1


Many studies have found that younger consumers are the most easily influenced age group. When we consider that KSI’s and Logan Paul’s audience are made up of  young males who look up to them, it tracks that PRIME was a success.


It doesn’t seem rational to spend more than a couple of pounds on an energy drink, but this just proves how purchases are often more emotional than logical. The drink, rather than serving a functional purpose, is serving an emotional need for the target audience to belong and fit in.


Guerilla marketing 

One key tactic we saw in the lead up to the launch was Guerilla marketing. This is a technique that involves bold and unique stunts to grab the consumers attention. Although sometimes controversial and expensive, it can be very effective. Logan Paul displayed many examples of this on the run up to launching PRIME.


The first example of this was recording his friend jumping out of a helicopter shouting ‘Drink PRIME!’


He also posted a video of a monkey stealing PRIME from his backpack and running away with it. 


These stunts are attention grabbing and memorable, creating a lasting memory in the consumers mind and increasing the likelihood of purchasing the product.




At Pixel8 we’re a dynamic bunch of Gen X and Millennials, so while we’re not convinced anyone at Pixel8 would spend £15 on a bottle of PRIME, it’s hard to deny the clever strategies behind its launch.


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