3 things to have in your arsenal to get the most from your marketing agency

What information do you need about your company before approaching a marketing agency? Just like you need information from your potential agency, they also require information from you. Both sides need as much detail as possible to make the start of the partnership successful. 


If you get in a taxi and hand the driver £100 with the instruction to take you to a place you’ll absolutely love. You might get to a nice destination, but without being specific, there’s little guarantee you’ll get what you paid for. 


The same goes for marketing, sometimes you’ll get benefits for targeting as many people as possible. At the same time, if that’s your only approach you’ll waste a lot of resources on targeting a lot of the wrong people and quickly run out of budget. 


In this blog we’re going to talk you through 3 pieces of information to research and explore prior to reaching out to a marketing agency. This way you can get really specific with what exactly you want your marketing agency to do. It makes your agency’s life easier and means you’ll get better results and value for money. 


1. A defined target audience 


So that you can get the best return on investment (ROI) when using a marketing agency, it’s best to provide them with information on as many different audiences as you would like to target. The biggest mistake we see is companies providing blanket customer profiling information which can only result in a spraying and praying strategy. We would recommend starting with the attributes and buying behaviours of your most profitable customer and build out from there. Your agency will then be able to formulate campaign plans that acquire and re-engage audiences just like them. 



Bad = 

  • 25-60 year olds who are female 

Good =

  •  Parents who are busy and have a need for products that lend a helping hand and ease the pain of balancing parenting and time for themselves.
    – They tend to purchase products on the weekend.
    – Seasonally half terms are busy because children are at home most of the time.
    – They use Instagram and ask their friends for product reviews.  


2. A simple message 


Don’t bamboozle your audience. A clear message allows your agency to create the best content they can that will resonate with your audience. Too often companies are afraid of excluding people in their messaging, but the irony of this is that it actually does exclude everyone because no one can tell if the message is for them or someone else. Allocating a budget to different target audiences, as detailed in point number 1,  allows for the right messages to be delivered in front of the right audience at the right time. 



Bad = 

  • You can use our product for literally any task 

Good = 

  • Our product allows busy working parents to clean up spills in an instant without using mountains of kitchen roll. 


3. How much a customer is worth to you 


As the saying goes ‘you need to spend money to make money’, but if you don’t have a defined revenue goal or clear profit margins you’re setting yourself and your agency up for failure. Clearly defining how much of your current profit you’re willing to spend on acquiring new customers is key to forming the basis of your marketing strategy, especially when it comes to paid media plans. 

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