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How To Track Conversions Using Google Analytics 4

Conversions are used to track the most improved actions on your website or app. For example, you may want to track customers when they make a purchase, or you might want to track when a customer completes a form on your website.

In this blog post, we will look at one of the most important goals, which is when a customers orders something online and, as a result, is led to a ‘thank you page’ or ‘order received page’. Therefore you would want to track this order as a conversion using Google Analytics 4 or for short GA4. In the steps below we show you how to do this.

Google Analytics 4 Purchase Tracking

The screenshot above is looking at events reports. As you can see, there is an option on the right of each event to enable it as conversion. We have created 12 different events for our client, from purchase to submit. All these events are being tracked by Google Analytics in which we have set up using Google Tag Manager. You will see you can choose to select each event and mark it as a conversion. In this Analytics account, we are tracking ‘purchase’ as a conversion. If you were to select for example, ‘page_view’, as a conversion, each page view would trigger a conversion on every page. But if you want to track a specific page, for example, an order received page, we would need to track only this page and create a unique event for it.

Now there are two ways we can achieve this.

  1. The first option is to create a new event inside Google Analytics, using an existing event. For example, we could create an event when a page view event is triggered when someone lands on our ‘order received’ page. This is probably the easiest option because everyone can be set up in Google Analytics.
  2. Secondly, is to create a new tag inside Google Tag Manager that will report a new event each time someone arrives at our ‘order received’ page. As an example, we could create an event called order received when a user buys a product from a website.

Google Analytics 4 Screenshot

First, select create an event in the top right corner. Then when the menu expands click create event again.

Google Analytics 4 Screenshot

Remember we want people who view our order received page as a separate event, so let’s name this event order_received. For this blog post, I will also add a test as we showing you how to track events.

Create New Event GA4

So doing this means that every time someone makes a person purchase, it will track this event as they will land on the order received page. Now click create. Now that this event has been triggered we can enable this conversion in our reports. That’s it.

Now you will be able to head over to the Acquisition tab and then choose traffic acquisition, and you being to see your conversions being tracked in the bottom table.

Traffic Acquisition GA
Conversion tracking is one of the most essential events that you need to set up in Google Analytics 4. With Google Analytics 4, you need to set up tracking if you want to track your important goals. If you’re unsure how to properly set up tracking or you think your tracking is not working correctly, you can always contact Pixel8 to help.