Crafting Tomorrow: How AI is Enhancing our Creative Services

At Pixel8, we are working hard to harness the power of AI. According to Forbes, ‘68% of large companies, 33% of medium-sized companies and 15% or small companies have incorporated at least one AI technology.’ 


Clearly, uptake is varied, with some reluctant to embrace new technology, seeing it as a barrier or threat to more traditional methods. However, at Pixel8, we are quite the opposite; we are rising to the challenge and expect to increase our productivity by at least 20% in 2024 alone by implementing several tools across our services.


AI will continue improving our effectiveness, enabling us to provide a far more efficient service to our clients. Nigel Daws, Pixel8’s Creative Director says;


“AI is still very much in its infancy, but it’s already proving invaluable in completing everyday creative tasks; our challenge is to stay one step ahead, building new ways of doing things into our workflows to provide our clients with the best possible service in 2024”.


How Are We Improving Productivity With The Help Of AI?


AI is weaving its way into the software that we use in different ways.


Integrating with our existing software

The Adobe Creative Suite is a great example. Photoshop is a platform where image manipulation is being taken to a new level. Tools such as generative fill are very helpful to creatives who are trying to work time-smart. For example, images that would traditionally take an age to cut out and place on different backgrounds can now be cut out quickly and efficiently.


Improving software that traditionally wouldn’t have been used by designers

Canva, aimed mainly at people with limited design skills, can now serve clients with templates and assets they can edit themselves. This enables increased productivity, especially when assets are needed in ad-hoc scenarios. Hated by many designers, lorded by us – we see anything that enables our clients to maintain brand consistency while editing their templates as a step forward.


New AI-first software is being introduced

This is the area where AI has made huge strides, with plenty more yet to come. The likes of Midjourney can generate stunning visuals, which certainly aren’t a replacement for photography, but can be very useful. Of course, Chat GPT offers a real helping hand in creating content, but the skill of tone and the personal touch is still the preserve of the copywriter. Our creative team harness the power of this tool to fine-tune their excellent work for greater efficiency and consistency. 


We, of course, monitor ongoing developments in the technology, looking to harness more tools to bring even more value to our clients. We are also seeing the benefits of AI tools paying off in some of our other services, from paid and organic Social Media to SEO, which we may expand upon in a future blog.


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