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We know what it takes to deliver a top-notch web solution on time and on budget. Over the past decade our award-winning design team has continually strived to deliver the highest standard in web design, planning and bespoke development solutions, it's simple really!

website design

Think of web design as branding for the web. It's about the whole user experience, bringing together great fixtures and fittings with a winning look and feel. It's about creating brands that resonate with your audience. We have the screen, nothing but the screen - and about 30 seconds to impress. Web branding is about putting your best foot forward, clearly differentiating your products and services, making your audience feel at ease and giving reasons to interact with your brand. Successful brands put their best foot forward across allmedia and the web is really the place to showcase the brand, to bring everything together and give your audiencea real tasteforyourbusiness.

We open browsers every few seconds; we search; we switch; we make decisions at the click of a mouse. So how do we decide on the brand to interact with? In the same way that we choose our favourite shampoo, we choose our favourite websites. Good web design is the difference between being 'me too' and an industry leader.

How can pixel8 help with web design?

We take our deep understanding of building brands and apply it to design. We know how to use colour to help the audience navigate, to highlight the most important elements and to balance the page, just like print! Whether you are a development company wanting help for your clients, or a brand that needs a refresh, we are here to help. Injecting our award-winning web design, offering a fresh pair of eyes and turning your vision into a reality.

What do our clients say?

"I thoroughly enjoy working with AJ and the team at Pixel8. They have always made sure that they understand our requirements, worked with us to ensure that they met our needs, have helped to shape the brands, deliver quality design, on time and go the extra mile. Thanks!"

Lisa Drakoni
Salford Software

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