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Nigel Daws - Founder of Pixel8

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Branding knowledge and experience are invaluable. Nigel knows this because he's been fortunate enough to have worked on some pretty cool global brands over the past couple of decades. It's been quite a ride, but what really excites him now, is the possibilities for the next chapter of the Pixel8 story.

Nigel Daws

Nigel founded Pixel8 in 1999, having previously worked for several years in the design and advertising industry. It was his creative flair, computer know how and ability that helped him change the face of Manchester United Merchandising during the 90's. Not only did he preside over the introduction of the first internal creative studio, he helped create, design and establish the first official branded Manchester United merchandising collections which became a multi-million pound, worldwide success story.

Before he blew the final whistle on his Manchester United career he found a bit of creative spare time to design and build the first Manchester United Merchandising Ltd (MUML) digital online merchandising brand guide. The online branding system was an instant hit with suppliers as it allowed immediate access to logos, fonts and merchandising artwork templates from one central online repository. Most importantly the system helped Manchester United Merchandising Ltd establish even greater brand consistency across all merchandise ranges whilst significantly increasing the production workflow within the business and reducing agency costs.

Nigel’s love for branding, design and pretty much everything creative is insurmountable and to this end he continues to set the bar, pace and quality for the whole of the business. Nigel  enjoys the branding journey and particularly loves building successful brands and defining overarching principles. However, his real joy lies in delivering simple and concise brand guidelines that work effectively across multiple channels. He has accumulated a formidable branding portfolio over the past 20 years, which can't quite be said for his fly fishing awards cabinet. But as we keep telling him, we all love a trier.

Nigel's favourite quote...

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them” - Albert Einstein

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