Pixel8 Bingo! Celebrating Mancunian Dialect at The Talk of Manchester Awards 2016!
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Pixel8 Bingo! Celebrating Mancunian Dialect at The Talk of Manchester Awards 2016!

It’s here again, The Talk of Manchester Awards, and we’re feeling very jammy indeed because this year we’re up for two awards!

So to celebrate our nominations we’ve decided to pay tribute to the sound city that is Manchester, and more importantly, our mint Northern dialect!

We've created our Mancunian Northern Dialect bingo cards, and all you have to do is see how many Mancunian words you hear on the night and mark them off.

The room will be full of some of the finest talent in our city, so we’re certain you’ll hear a few. It’s a bit of fun and a great conversation starter when you’re networking, so feel free to make full use of them and break the ice!

Be sure to also keep an eye out for us as we sweep around with our bingo cards. You can even download some right now below if you want to get ahead of the game.
We've also got a handy list below of what all the words actually mean, just in case you're not 100% sure - so enjoy!



Finally, to all who voted for us this year, we’d like to say a big thank you. We have three Talk of Manchester Awards under our belt now and have our fingers crossed for a fourth on the 1st of December. But we wouldn’t have been able to do any of it without all of your support. So thank you!

To find out more about what we’ve been up to this year, take a look at our case studies blog. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with all the latest Pixel8 news and our industry-leading marketing and branding tips!

Manchester Slang Dictionary

  • ‘Angin - A sick feeling after drinking or eating too much, or when something smells bad
  • Clocked - To notice/see something
  • Fod - Your forehead
  • Innit - Means ‘isn’t it’
  • Jammy - To be lucky
  • Our Kid - A nickname for one’s brother or sister
  • Rank - Something that is disgusting, ‘That food is rank’
  • Scran - Another word for food
  • Tight - Someone who doesn’t like spending money
  • Wrong ’Un - Someone who should be avoided
  • Keks - Another word for ‘pants’
  • Mint - A word used to describe something that’s good
  • Snide - Someone who is sneaky
  • Sound - A word used to describe something that’s good
  • Brew - A cup of tea
  • Propa - Really
  • Duds - Underpants
  • Barm Cake - A baked bread product
  • Bobbins- Rubbish or nonsense
  • Mad fer it - Usually used when excited about something
  • Daft apeth - Fool
  • Chufty Badge - Invisible badge worn by someone who is proud of something they've done.
  • Cob on - In a bad mood
  • Butty- Sandwich
  • Dibble - The police
  • Buzzin' - Excited
  • Ave it - usually said when angry and kicking something 
  • Do one - go away
  • Minging - Ugly/bad
  • Nowt - Nothing
  • Is it eckers like - expressing disbelief, no it's not!
  • Keks - Trousers
  • Mooch - Look around - "Let's go for a mooch.'
  • Gutted - Disappointed
  • Mardy - Moody
  • Gaggin' - Desperate for
  • Give over - I don't believe you
  • Mither - To repeatedly keep asking for something
  • Lash (on the) - Go out drinking
  • Newtons - Teeth
  • Give your 'ead a wobble - Sort your mind out
  • Scrikin' - Crying
  • Salfords - Socks
  • Owt - Anything
  • Yer wot? - What do you mean?
  • Flaggin' - Falling behind/tired
  • Scran - Food
  • Sorted - That has been arranged sufficiently 
  • Peg it - Run quickly
  • Soz - Sorry
  • Swear down - I am being truthful about a certain event/thing 'I swear down she didn't call back!'
  • Top one - Good one/well done
  • Scoops - Alcoholic drink
  • Town - City Centre 
  • Shut yer cake 'ole - Be quiet 
  • Chuffed - Excited/pleased


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