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Novus website design and build

What did we do?

We had been called in to carry out a complete brand refresh of Seddon Property Services, a huge national property services organisation based in the North West. Our design team had been beavering away and the developers were fortunately itching to get involved with the rebrand. A website is an integral part of any brand overhaul not least because they are the gateway for the exploration of the offering and we understand completely that the engagement of visitors is crucial. Seddon required a quick turnaround and we realised that it was necessary to provide an online presence to showcase Novus Property Solutions (the new name for Seddon Property Services) as soon as possible.  So, we designed and developed an interim website in one week which performed the basic level of requirement so that there was an immediate online presence .

As soon as the interim website was finished we got on with creating a website with more depth and impact. We designed the site in accordance with the new Novus brand, using their colour palette and graphic style.
We were provided with the basic copy and then we sprinkled some of our glitter over it, adding to the content and keeping all of it within the constraints of the new Novus brand style.

What did we achieve?

We achieved a complete online solution that communicates everything that is ‘Novus’.  We applied imagery and photography that we had developed as the new brand style throughout to maintain consistency and a positive, clean image. The provision of the interim website allowed the new brand to be illustrated online, keeping the digital presence up to date with the new marketing collateral. The interim website projected a cohesive image during a time of change.

The full website provided a much improved user experience and a much more intuitive level of functionality, for example the contact form and map now links to each of the 27 national Novus offices. This makes it much easier for the user to find the most appropriate location to suit their needs. The website is a lovely reflection of the spanking new Novus style and is a great example of a flagship online brand presence. 


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