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Novus collateral design

What did we do?

We needed (and wanted) to provide Novus with a more consistent, engaging and exciting range of collateral that reflects the new brand and its move forwards. We had a great opportunity to take the core brand principles that we had introduced and plough forwards with dynamic, impactful design with a clear structure. We injected the principles into all the collateral to ensure that each and every piece looked fresh, clean and stylish and really stands out in the sector amongst tough competition.

We provided a variety of different layouts for each piece of collateral; bid folders, case studies, internal communications, booklets, leaflets, the whole shebang.  The typography is timeless and supports the brand identity, it works hard because, inevitably, sometimes just a basic text document is required and even these still appear modern. We used a distinct image style and range of colours with structural layouts using a simple grid system.

Each piece is engaging in its own right but also consistent across the brand and therefore every piece confirms the brand message.

What did we achieve?

We achieved a complete suite of collateral that demonstrates the new brand perfectly. It has an image that isn’t typical of the construction and property industries. It’s a fresh, clean, new start for an established and enormously successful brand. All the internal Novus stakeholders totally bought in to the new brand and its supporting collateral. The quality of the designed collateral equated to an easy understanding of the bold, new brand amongst internal staff.  All of the artwork demonstrates the new brand and the people working with it are now super proud to be associated with all the collateral. Feedback from customers proves that they too are engaging better with the brand.

Collateral that is consistent and memorable is absolutely invaluable for Novus Property Solutions. It supports and cements the new brand as it enters a new era and we’re extremely proud of all our hard work.


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