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Manchester United Soccer Schools coaching manual

What did we do?

So, how does one of the world's most successful football clubs guarantee that all of their coaches are able to teach to the same world class standard that the club demands?  Well, it’s simple really, it’s all about working hard as a team and having the ability to work directly with the talented MUSS coaches, enabled us to design and create the MUSS grass roots football guidelines for them to use.  It was clear to us that Manchester United Soccer School needed a world class coaching manual and our biggest challenge was keeping things in a format that all the coaches would understand. By challenging the MUSS coaching staff to provide us with all their coaching drills, we were able to take their coaching sketches and visually define each drill through a series illustrations, thus providing them with the perfect platform to work with.

Being a football coach and having super talented young players around is difficult enough. So the MUSS grass roots soccer manual had to be user friendly, helpful and easy to follow. The content itself had to be visually spot-on, the drills, equipment lists, best practices and nutritional information, had to be inspiring and engaging for the coaches to get the very best out of each young player.

Our solution was a pocket sized, solid A5 companion, that was tough enough to be thrown around the coaches kitbag, and able to tackle the lovely British weather and the occasional stray flying boot.

What did we achieve?

Here at Pixel8, we certainly love a good football drill diagram and we feel the one we created for MUSS was just the ticket!

Through clever use of illustration, colour and easy to understand diagrams of equipment, player silhouettes, field formats and directional arrows, we were able to provide the coaches with a manual that guaranteed more successful coaching sessions. Using the MUSS core colours of red, black and white, we were able to create visually striking graphic content and interpret complicated coaching drills into clear, concise key points and session steps.

With regards to the handbook format, having the ability to have everything in one place was vital. It significantly reduced the amount of time the coaches spent trying to create or locate coaching drills and it certainly eliminated the issues of lost session plans, personal details or session notes. Plus, having something that could very easily slip into a sweaty kitbag without being ruined was a big bonus!

Overall, the MUSS coaches manual is a true advocate for the importance of keeping things simple and on brand, whilst solving the most important issue of being able to communicate the skills and drills to the footballing stars of the future.

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