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What did we do?

Following the re-brand of Crowne Plaza (that took place over a six-month period) and the photoshoots around the world that it involved, we decided upon the best way to eliminate any future ‘off brand’ issues. Previously, Crowne Plaza had experienced problems relating to the creation of off brand collateral every day and we had to ensure that going forward, this didn’t happen again with the new artwork.  So, we developed a system that prevents this from recurring; the Brand Implementation Toolkit (Brandit™) was created.

The Brandit™ process was designed to provide a simple and straightforward method of creating on-brand collateral. We took all of the Crowne Plaza artwork files and uploaded them to Brandit’s secure central server. Specialist artworkers then locked down areas of the artwork that couldn’t be changed, for example, the company logo, positioning of logo, colour palette and fonts; basically all of the elements that are fundamental to the Crowne Plaza brand identity. These were secured so that they would never be off brand and would always maintain brand consistency. We then made the areas on the artwork that needed to be on-brand into editable fields, for example, address, specific text, image specific to location etc. Once this process was complete we then provided Crowne Plaza with an online brand implementation portal and a user interface. Once the portal is accessed Crowne Plaza can now see that their company artwork templates are sorted into straightforward categories for selection and amendment.

Once the templates have been amended they can be saved for further amends, sent to colleagues for sign off or sent direct to an external print supplier of choice. The process achieves brand consistency across all marketing communication collateral.

Artwork is now uploaded centrally and accessed globally.

What did we achieve?

Brandit™ has given Crowne Plaza complete control of their brand collateral. Its implementation allows Marketing Managers and hotel employees to personalise any piece of collateral within any hotel without highly priced agency amendment fees. With the Brand Implementation Toolkit Crowne Plaza hotel collateral is uploaded to a central server where it can be retrieved, personalised and sent direct to print after sign off. The process is simple and always achieves brand consistency.

Significantly, Brandit™ allows for local engagement as customers expect marketing to be specific to the location of their chosen hotel. At a local level, each hotel was creating its own incompatible collateral which communicated an inconsistent message. Crowne Plaza can now authorise as many users locally or globally, internal to the business or external, to access the toolkit portal and update the artwork to suit campaigns, offers etc, at any time.

Brandit™ is the only online branding toolkit Crowne Plaza will need. It guarantees brand consistency and reduces agency fees whilst significantly increasing their production workflow. Any element of the artwork can be locked down, enabling personalisation.

The process is simple and always achieves brand consistency.


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