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What did we do?

The location of each Radisson Blu hotel is individual and utterly unique. This is clearly an element of the brand that is to be celebrated, but our challenge was to ensure that these idiosyncrasies are retained in each piece of marketing collateral beside consistent branding elements, no matter what the geographical location of the hotel. We provided Radisson Blu with our online brand implementation toolkit.

A specified member of staff in any geographical location can upload, retrieve and amend Radisson Blu artwork safe in the knowledge that the essential elements (logo, fonts, etc) cannot be amended and will always, always be on brand. This artwork can then be saved for future use and if necessary, shared with other employees. We provided a simple, online method for saving money and simplifying the entire collateral creation process across each Radisson Blu hotel in the USA, which previously was difficult and time consuming to facilitate and manage.

What did we achieve?

Radisson Blu are now secure in the knowledge that the individuality of their hotels can be drawn upon for artwork and marketing collateral without any risk of creating any material that is off brand.

The implications of this cannot be underestimated when considering a hotel chain that exists in multiple locations. The collateral created by staff at the Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel in Chicago is as instantly recognisable and is as on brand as the material created at the Radisson Blu Mall of America despite the obvious differences in the unique locations. Collateral needs to be consistent in order to retain a strong, healthy, recognisable brand but is difficult to monitor when different people are creating it in various hotels around the country.

Brandit for Radisson Blu equates to the simple creation of consistent artwork and significantly enhances workflow production 24 hours a day.

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