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Bargain Crazy brand logo refresh

What did we do?

We gave the Bargain Crazy brand a complete facelift. We carried out our usual background research on the brand as a whole, carefully considering the current, target and future markets. We also researched their major competitors (in a similarly thorough fashion) colour palettes, logos, photography style, fonts and typefaces, all in search of a unique look and feel for this brand. We knew that 'discount' retail is synonymous with the colour red and were really keen to avoid this colour. So we got cracking on a fresh, new logo using a distinctive lime yellow. The logo had to be appropriate for the market. To make extra sure that we had got it just right, we produced over 50 different logo types, with variations in font, colour, typeface and shape. We certainly like to make sure that our clients are not just spoilt for choice, but they feel that they are part of the creative process.

We all agreed finally on a striking two colour logo that incorporates the lime yellow, peel off corner ‘lip’ which is familiar as a sticker and implies a bargain. We then created rules for typeface, colour, imagery and fonts; all of which we put our creative and marketing arms around it all and delivered a big Bargain Crazy/Pixel8 hug. The new brand was then unleashed on exactly the right footing and has received rave review from the moment it was launched.

What did we achieve?

We achieved a logo that works perfectly, even in its smallest form and in a single colour. This reduces print costs and is particularly cost effective for in-store graphics. The challenge was to create a simple brand that implies quality items at bargain prices and still sits within the Littlewoods family.

We devised the 'BIG BRANDS LITTLE PRICES' strapline that encapsulated everything that Bargain Crazy wanted to portray in 4 words. We created distinctive and eye-catching brand guidelines and design rules that are beautiful to look at, making them genuinely appealing and tactile.

There were some really great creative elements to our Bargain Crazy brand development adventure, so why not check out the other Bargain Crazy sections and see how we helped change the face of Littlewoods Clearance.

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