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Accident Compensation illustration

What did we do?

Once the basic elements of the new Accident Compensation brand were in place, we turned our attention to how it would work online.

The client had 3 key objectives when it came to their website.

  • increase the number of people visiting the website
  • achieve a greater response rate on the submission form
  • increase the number of people getting in touch via the free phone number

Accident Compensation also felt it was important that different accident scenarios were presented on the site in a visual way, which would be in keeping with the caring aspect of the brand.

 In order to meet all of these requirements we created and designed a set of characters, to give a friendly feel to the site and encourage users to browse for longer in an online environment they felt comfortable with. Drawn in a simple yet distinctive style, they added personality and charm.

What did we achieve?

We represented each accident scenario as an illustration on the website. This allowed us to tackle some very difficult topics and accident situations in a friendly and visually caring way. We didn’t want to be forceful or aggressive when depicting these scenarios and we felt the characters had the required softness and broad appeal.

The characters also had the added advantage of helping us stay on budget by avoiding spending thousands of pounds trying to simulate each accident scenario through photography. 

In total, we produced 18 new illustrations, each showing a different accident scenario. We carefully represented each area of insurance, but we were also very aware of the sensitivity of some of the accident subjects that need to be tackled on the new website. So for each accident subject we thought carefully about how the working environment or scenery was presented, and then created a character that customers would feel comfortable with and hopefully be able to relate to.  

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