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Crowne Plaza global photography

What did we do?

As part of the brand refresh we supplied all of the Crowne Plaza hotels worldwide with new on-brand images for every piece of in house branding collateral. When you consider what this actually involves in a worldwide context, this was no mean feat. We supplied imagery for the menus, door hangers, sales kit folders, advertising posters, coupons, notepads, flip charts, drinks menus, business cards, every piece of company stationery, internet instructions, checkout folders – and more.

To enable the project we organised and managed three photo shoots at locations around the world.  The first being at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Manchester city centre, here we executed a global photo shoot in one location. We took over 20,000 photographs using amongst others, 15 models, 3 make-up artists, 2 Middle-East advisors (one of whom advises the United Nations), a food stylist, 2 art directors and 4 photography assistants.

As Crowne Plaza hotels are located across the Americas, Asia, Europe and the United Arab Emirates, we needed to provide imagery that will remain relevant and appealing to each region. So, we employed models of appropriate ethnicity and created photographs that are sensitive to indigenous customs around the world, recognising religious differences and using appropriate dress. We employed specialist stylists and advisors to ensure respectful and accurate representation throughout the campaign. The Manchester photo shoot resulted in a bank of generic images in a multitude of locations at a Crowne Plaza hotel that can be used in all types of collateral.  The two-week photo shoot drew to a close with a day filming offsite to provide all the leisure imagery at swimming pools, gyms and golf courses. Cue lots of excuses for the Pixel8 team to speed around the course in the golf buggies.

The second photo shoot in New York was tailored to cater for western business related imagery. We provided a more formal, professional, business orientated bank of images that illustrated the process involved in arranging meetings in a business-to-business context. In China, we again tailored the photography for the business-to-business sector but with a more eastern approach, adhering to local customs and employing models of appropriate ethnicity.

It takes an enormous amount of organisation, passion and creative flair to deliver a global photo shoot to this quality and scale, so it’s a good job we have all of these qualities in abundance here at Pixel8. 

What did we achieve?

The photo shoots resulted in a Pixel8 hosted and managed collateral builder. The images are used by employees worldwide in the pre-design process and in the creation of on-brand templated artwork. The collateral builder provides a bank of templates that are available with pre-defined fields that can be accessed online and fully edited by the user to create on-brand and print ready high resolution PDF artwork. The photographs were uploaded to the collateral builder and made available for selection as imagery to complement the templates.

Crowne Plaza employees are able to access the templates and create on-brand artwork from anywhere in the world. Most importantly all of the artwork is available in multiple languages (all of which were translated by us). This method of producing collateral has revolutionised the once laborious and difficult to monitor process of creating in-house hotel branding and marketing collateral. Crowne Plaza employees working in every location across the world can now produce on-brand, consistently branded material quickly, easily and without any confusion.



Crowne Plaza - Global Photo Shoot


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