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Crowne Plaza brand guidelines

What did we do?

Put very simply, brand guidelines are a set of rules that are implemented across a company to retain brand consistency. In creating the brand guide for the Crowne Plaza, we provided a framework to assist all employees when communicating about, or on behalf of, Crowne Plaza. They illustrate a straightforward method for adherence to the guidelines to ensure that the brand is always expressed in the best possible light.

We provided rules for employees with regard to colour palettes, photography, paper, tone of voice, logos, and typography (amongst other things!), which create an unchanging image that the Crowne Plaza customers recognise and can really rely upon. Crowne Plaza is a multi-national brand, therefore paying due respect to local customs and dual and multiple language options were an inevitable requirement.

We needed to focus on the ‘real-world’ implications of the guidelines, making them straightforward and easy to understand for every user in every country. Pre-empting any questions about the brand and the guidelines and providing workable, simple solutions. A sterile set of rules and regulations would have been of no use to anyone. The employees would not have been interested and would not have read them. They had to be tactile, inspiring and ‘different’ to anything produced and seen previously.  They needed some personality - something that we have bags of!

What did we achieve?

We achieved that all-important word: consistency.

It’s brand consistency that promotes worldwide recognition. The success of any brand is determined by its trustworthiness and in creating new guidelines we helped to achieve this. We encouraged recognition and trust across all imagery associated with the brand and, as a result, an increase in the value of the Crowne Plaza brand.

We had the pleasure of experiencing genuinely more inspired and excited employees. We produced a set of guidelines that allow everyone at Crowne Plaza to champion the brand by thoroughly understanding the brand values, mission and collateral.

The brand guidelines ensure that everyone is given the tools they need to represent the brand in its best light. Building brands that really work is the basis of our approach. The roll-out of the brand guidelines in multiple languages across the world achieved just that.

What the client has to say...

“Pixel8 were vital in the development of the new brand identity for Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts. Their diligence, attention to detail, experience, tenacity, and creative spirit came together in the final Crowne Plaza brand guide, supporting art files and image library. This comprehensive guide and library of over 300 pieces of collateral pieces and images offers a seamless approach for how hotels and key business partners should best represent and express the repositioned Crowne Plaza brand.”

Leah Corgel
Manager, Brand Management


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