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Manchester SEO

What is SEO?

SEO or ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ is the practice of optimising a website to appear more important to search engines. Local SEO can be utilised to target a local audience for your business by introducing local geographical terms to your website. Manchester is a city ahead of the rest in the SEO industry; many businesses with target customers in Manchester are using this form of online marketing to capture the local audience.

Why use a Manchester SEO agency?

Nowadays most people influence, reinforce or complete a purchase or spending decision with an online search. In the local market it is important to understand cultural subtext and conventions. In the competitive SEO market many companies understand their local customers and need an agency to conduct their marketing with the same level of understanding.

If you are thinking of running an SEO campaign in Manchester, it can often be a more affordable option to target your local audience first, with a higher potential of conversions.

What can Pixel8 do for my Online Marketing?

At Pixel8 our knowledge and expertise in SEO is only rivalled by our understanding and passion for Manchester and the North West, we are keen to see this part of the country grow and our specialist local SEO skills can be key to boosting local business.

We know that your local audience may think differently to the rest of the country, it’s what makes Manchester great, that’s why we can tailor local SEO campaigns specifically for this region or the greater Northwest area. We can make great use of local search terms and help maximise your use of Google Local Listings.

  • Local Keyword Research
  • Understanding of Local Culture
  • Google Map Optimisation
  • Google Local Profile Set Up
  • Link building from credible Manchester directories


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