Pixel8 Bingo! Celebrating Northern Dialect at the Chartered Institute of Marketing Awards 2016!
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Pixel8 Bingo! Celebrating Northern Dialect at the Chartered Institute of Marketing Awards 2016!

Howay, Man!

When we heard that we had been nominated for the Chartered Institute of Marketing Awards, we went absolutely barmy!

It’s such a boss award to be nominated for, innit, and it’s propa' sound to be appreciated for a campaign we worked our keks off for.

You may have noticed that we’ve gone extra Northern on this blog, and that’s because to celebrate being a nominee in the Northern Marketing Awards 2016, we’ve developed this mint bingo game. 

You can read more about  the nominated campaign by downloading the case study here.

We’re going to give out the cards at the event and even offer a cheeky electronic alternative so you can print your booklet before the event, see below...

All you need to do is see how many of the slang words your overhear at the event and mark them off - just like bingo.

If you manage to hear all the words on your card, bring them over to our table and we’ll buy the first winner a cheeky bottle of champagne!

If you’d like to know what all the words and phrases mean on your card then take a look below! You’ll find that the words and phrases are organised by region, so check out how many you recognise and/or use yourself.


  • ‘Angin - A sick feeling after drinking or eating too much, or when something smells bad
  • Clocked - To notice/see something
  • Fod - Your forehead
  • Innit - Means ‘isn’t it’
  • Jammy - To be lucky
  • Our Kid - A nickname for one’s brother or sister
  • Rank - Something that is disgusting, ‘That food is rank’
  • Scran - Another word for food
  • Tight - Someone who doesn’t like spending money
  • Wrong ’Un - Someone who should be avoided
  • Keks - Another word for ‘pants’
  • Mint - A word used to describe something that’s good
  • Snide - Someone who is sneaky
  • Sound - A word used to describe something that’s good
  • Brew - A cup of tea



  • Propa - Substitute for the word ‘really’ ‘That’s propa minging.’
  • Howay, man! - A phrase used to show excitement.
  • Pure Belta - Used to describe something that’s really good
  • Scran - Another word for food
  • Netty - The toilet
  • Canny - Another word for ‘good’
  • Gob - Another word for ‘mouth’


  • Chaff - To steal
  • Chuddy - Another word for ‘chewing gum’
  • Chunder - To vomit
  • Divvy - An idiot
  • Gizzasec - ‘Give me a second’ shortened down
  • Is it heck - means ‘no it isn’t.’
  • Owt - A shortened way to say ‘anything’


  • Go’ed - Phrase used to show support ‘Go’ed, lad’
  • Is right - That’s right, aka, the right thing happened. ‘I just passed my driving test!’ ‘Is right, lad.’
  • Boss - Another word for ‘good’
  • Gutted - Another word for upset
  • Devoed - Another word for devastated
  • Lid - Means man
  • Chocka block - Means something was busy, ‘It was chocka block!’
  • Swerve - Another word for avoid. ‘Nah mate, I’ll swerve it.’
  • Giggs - Another word for glasses
  • Baltic - Used to describe the weather when it’s very cold.


  • Cob - Means a bread roll
  • Bawl - To cry loudly
  • Lamp - Alternative word to ‘hit’ ‘I’m going to lamp him.’
  • Snap - Means dinner
  • Cack-handed - Someone who is clumsy
  • Any road up - Another way of saying ‘anyway’ or ‘moving on’
  • Barmy - A word that means ‘crazy’


  • Duck - Affectionate name for someone ‘Come here, duck.’
  • Cadge - Usually means to beg
  • Chunter - Means to grumble
  • Give Over - Light hearted way of say stop. ‘Oh, give over.’
  • Hold your noise - A way of telling people to be quiet
  • Nesh - A word used to describe feeling cold.


  • Chuffed - Another way of saying that you’re pleased
  • Ey up - a greeting, hello!
  • Bog - Toilet
  • Eeh by gum- ‘Oh my god!’
  • Courtin’ - Going out with someone, to date
  • Flaggin’ - Getting tired
  • Flummox - Another word for confuse
  • Mardy - Another word for moody
  • Owt - another word for anything
  • Reight - another word for Very
  • Si Thi’ Later - Another way of saying See You Later
  • Ow do? - Shortened way of saying How do you do.


Pixel8 Northern Dialect Bingo

How many words did you recognise? Lets us know what you manage to hear on the night via Facebook or Twitter - you can use #pixel8bingo to track the antics too.

On a more serious note, if you’d like to take a look the #MCR2Rio campaign (the reason why we're at the awards!) you can download the case study here. 

If you would like any branding or marketing assistance, give us a call on 0161 228 6489 to find out more and ask for Nicola Boon.

Nicola Boon, Pixel8's Client Services Director

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