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What did we do?

When Virgin saw the opportunity to get into the underwear market, they were always going to do things differently. Their cutting edge Virginware brand was unlike anything else on the market at the time. Striking, young, funky – they designed and produced underwear for men and women that just begged to be shown off! Their fashion-forward range was aimed at the 16-25 market, and had 4 key categories:

·  a-ware – casual, sporty underwear
·  b-ware – their more daring, sexy offering
·  c-ware – swimwear
·  z-ware – sleepwear

So when Virginware first approached Pixel8, they already had a great logo and brand concept established, with it’s 4 cleverly defined product categories. So we certainly had a great starting point, and our guys were keen to get their hands on the Virginware brand and do what they do best, which is taking a new brand and rolling it out into a crowded, global marketplace. We felt that we were perfectly placed to offer our branding expertise, especially when it involves delivering hundreds of pieces of packaging and in-store POS artwork, guaranteeing brand consistency across multiple stores. 

What did we achieve?

Attention to detail was vital in this project, and each photo was individually retouched and refined until we knew we had the perfect colour balance to match each garment. Our creative art workers then set about generating and delivering hundreds of pieces of packaging and POS pieces of artwork, making sure each piece contained all the correct size specifications and barcode information, before finally delivering hundreds of pieces of packaging to the printer and a very happy customer.

Virginware opened their stores in London, Birmingham and Manchester, but the next stop for us was Europe, and Virginware’s expansion brought its own set of design issues. Some European countries have different rules regarding the amount of  skin that can be shown in adverts and POS – a bit tricky one, when you’re selling underwear!  But our creative came up with a whole new packaging and POS style that cleverly solved this issue and we found that they were perfectly tailored to the European market.

We loved working on this project and we were proud to be given the opportunity to work on such a fantastic brand.

What did the client say?

"Having worked with Pixel8 previously, we knew how capable the team was of providing excellent creative and artwork. We approached them to take the newly created Virginware Clothing brand and develop it further across all collateral, graphics and advertising. From artwork, retouching and european packaging design Pixel8 were able to take an initial concept and deliver a superb product range. We trusted Pixel8 to deliver on time and they supplied hundreds of pieces of collateral that proved to be very cost effective. Pixel8 we're also able to cleverly adapt the packaging, advertsing and POS style to work in the european market."

Steve Richards
Founder & CEO


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