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What did we do?

Our relationship with Vertex has developed over the years and they have become a very special client.  We’ve worked with them on numerous projects and every, single one has been a success. Which makes us very proud.

Vertex is a global outsourcing business with over 11,000 employees worldwide. It has a genuinely global presence with a focus on key market sectors. Vertex are in the business of developing programmes to cost-effectively optimise their clients' customer experience. (And these clients are all 'big brands'.)

It was absolutely imperative that their website matched the quality of their own output in an equally cost-effective manner. Our account management team sat down with Vertex to really get down to the nitty gritty of what the objectives of the website redesign were. It’s always vital to thoroughly understand the requirements that a client has. Which is exactly what we did.

What did we achieve?

We designed and developed a website that enables customers to find precisely what they need to within one click.

Following on from the success of the Vertex site, we continued in our support of Vertex’s clients. We have since designed and developed numerous micro-sites to provide smooth communication between Vertex and their clients. We recently broadcast email marketing campaigns on behalf of Vertex. The first was for the Vertex V-Zine, which is an email sent to their utilities client base in the USA and Canada. Designed with graphics to match Vertex corporate branding, the email displayed several snippets of news articles related to Vertex and the North American utilities sector (with links to the full news articles hosted on the Vertex website.)

The second email campaign was a newsletter broadcast to their UK client base, updating them with new, additional benefits of outsourcing. Both of these email marketing campaigns were delivered using our email broadcasting system, which has design and spam testing features as well as a detailed analytics reporting system. This allows Vertex to analyse how many people have received the email, which links were clicked on, how many times, and specifically who clicked on which links.

We love working with Vertex and we will continue to do so for a long time to come. The multi-industry knowledge that they harbour is formidable, so we relish the challenge of working alongside them.

What did the client say?

"If you are looking for an agency that are willing to work with you as a partner and go that extra mile for you then Pixel8 are perfect. Honest, creative and credible"

Andrew Thompson
Marketing Manager, Vertex Data Science

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