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What did we do? 

RRG are the leading car dealership group in the North West, from humble beginnings at one location in 1967 it has developed and expanded to encompass 20 dealerships across 6 manufacturer brands.

We love a successful business that has grown and retained a real sense of its heritage, which is exactly what RRG have achieved.

They approached Pixel8 after seeing and appreciating the work that we carried out with one of their dealerships. They approached our digital team to develop a group wide social media plan across all of the 20 dealerships. We developed a great relationship with RRG, learning all about their business and what they wanted to achieve, researching the possibilities and most effective methods for interaction and success.

We worked to create a social media strategy and plan for daily updates, campaigns, offers and competitions. We then created a social media presence, taking hold of the design and implementation of Facebook and Twitter pages for each individual dealership. Each has bespoke applications that provide more details about the dealership, for example, the location and further information regarding the vehicles available for sale. The designs were on brand, clearly illustrating the link between the dealerships but allowing for a level of individuality that each requires.

What did we achieve?

RRG rightfully recognised that social media could be included in the marketing mix for each of the 20 dealerships. Social media is increasingly changing the way that we communicate. Customers engage with each other on multiple platforms and expect the brands and suppliers they enjoy to do the same. The benefits of reaching out to customers via Facebook and Twitter combined with the opportunity for interaction was just too obvious for RRG to ignore.

Our work succeeds in two fundamental ways; raising awareness of the individual dealerships and also of the RRG brand.

We made the car purchase process less intimidating, opening forums for open, friendly communication. We provided another channel for customer service, which is something that RRG prides itself upon and also, significantly, a way to recruit advocates of the brand and the dealerships.

We support all of the dealerships in social media training, providing advice and ideas for campaigns and they now carry out much of the work themselves. We hold monthly consultancy sessions where we talk successes, areas for improvement, campaign ideas and content ideas. We’ve provided RRG with an effective social media presence that works for them and achieves all of the objectives we were given.

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