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Once Upon a Smile

What did we do?

Once Upon a Smile was conceived with a vision of helping bereaved families find support and happiness again after losing a parent or child to a long-term illness. They approached us about a logo design and the creation of a character that would represent their charity at fundraising events.

We really wanted to help and so along with the founder, Daniel Jillings, we set about creating not only a logo, but also a brand that would resonate with old and young alike. We were keen to create something that would encourage donations and support, but at the same time reassure the beneficiaries that someone was there for them. Daniel and co were also eager to create a recognisable mascot that summed up the caring and happy nature of Once Upon a Smile.

We created everything from logo design, through to web development and merchandising and the cuddly character/mascot Sidley. Sidley was developed to bring a smile to the faces of those families that needed it the most. He appears at football matches, on television and also turns up in hospitals, schools and hospices.

What did we achieve?

Once Upon a Smile has quickly become a fast-growing organisation with support from actors, footballers and communities alike. The charity has featured on Saturday night’s Celebrity Who Wants to be a Millionaire by Emmerdale actor Danny Miller. Over the last year, the charity has gone from strength to strength. There have been (and continue to be) countless celebrity football matches. In terms of their progress, Daniel informs us that they are already achieving their ‘year two’ goals in the first 12 months. The launch event was a huge success, where an endless list of celebs turned up. They were featured on ‘This Morning’ and came home to voicemails for bookings for next year (they sold out in a day).

One of Daniel’s proudest moments was overhearing a child at the Trafford Centre, Manchester tell his mum, “That’s Sidley!” after seeing a stuffed version in the window of his car. This illustrates that in just 12 months of operating, Once Upon a Smile has become instantly recognisable, which has helped the team as they make calls and visit hospices that are now often already aware of the work they do.

Once Upon a Smile is one of our proudest achievements. We continue to help the charity grow and make a difference to people’s lives.

What did the client say?

"Having seen the results 12 months on from what was originally some very vague briefs of my project, I can not recommend Pixel8 enough. I am not someone who is clued up on website and design, I know what I want, but Pixel tranfers my ideas to reality and did an amazing job doing so"

Daniel Jillings
CEO, Once Upon a Smile

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