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What did we do?

We love brands that appreciate a fresh start. Brands that recognise that, despite their success, they need to keep on moving and evolving, to keep reaching out in the right way to connect with their customers.

The Seddon Group is a national, family-owned construction business that has recently taken a leap forwards by re-organising its structure to create three independently owned trading companies. They approached us to help them out, within an extremely tight timescale (two weeks), with renaming the brand and creating a full, new identity. To put it simply (very simply!), we ran internal and external workshops and created a name and a full brand identity within two weeks that had to work across all aspects of the visual identity and, crucially, all of the van livery. We also created two different communication packs (also within the two week timescale), one for clients and one for staff, that included a brochure, Powerpoint presentation, folder and postcard.

What did we achieve?

We achieved a new online and offline brand presence for an established company. The Seddon Group is 115 years old and hugely successful. Our work together, creating their new brand, will ensure that it continues to evolve successfully.

We’re working to extend and grow the new identity, rolling it out across multiple media; including office signage, clothing and a vast internal communications programme to establish the new brand with staff and clients.

Our relationship with Novus is on-going, so we’re in a continual position of achievement with the brand, for example our work naming the brand provided a basis for all of the proceeding elements and collateral. We’re executing a full rebranding programme across a huge suite of online and offline material.

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