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What did we do?

We’ve built a great ongoing relationship over a period of 8 years with the owners of Moneysaver Telecom via our successful work with their other, related companies. We always leave our door open to welcome clients back to the fold and Moneysaver Telecom returned to us to ask us to create their new brand.

The brand is one of the fastest growing independent telecoms providers in the UK. They save homes and businesses money on line rental, calls and broadband and pride themselves on brilliant service and the best, genuine prices. These are the attributes that make Moneysaver Telecom unique. Moneysaver Telecom were a start up so we started from scratch, researching the needs of the brand and then creating all of the elements that bring a brand to life. We researched, devised and designed a logo and Welcome Pack and we created a new colour palette and chose a new, stylish font. We formed the basis of the brand, the foundations on which to build upon. 

What did we achieve?

Our relationship with Moneysaver Telecom specifically has been developing happily since 2011. We brought the welcoming, friendly vibe that is the company to life using colour and product differentiation. We did this whilst maintaining a professional overall image. The new logo has a positive and confident feel, whilst the shades of green we used is open and welcoming. We used large images, soft lines and bright colours as a way of categorising different products and highlighting the differentiation.

The Welcome Pack that we created details each of the different Moneysaver Telecom products and services, this pack assists in the promotion of the company as a welcoming and trustworthy place, both to work and to shop. Moneysaver Telecom were so pleased with the branding work that we provided that they have since rolled the overarching theme and creative across all their other brands. 

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