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Marsh Systems

What did we do?

Marsh Systems provide energy solutions to businesses, and are part of The Energy Solutions Group. Marsh Systems are a well-established firm, with a brand that their customers really connect with. So, when they came to us needing a brand refresh, we knew any changes had to be subtle. There was certainly no need to re-invent the wheel on this one!

They’d only recently become part of The Energy Solutions Group, which was the main driver behind the changes to the brand. Marsh Systems were keen to retain as much of their existing brand as possible, but they knew it needed to be updated and brought into line with the wider group identity.

As well as making all of the required changes to the brand, we revamped the Marsh Systems website, branded a number of key products and applied the new designs to their business stationery.

What did we achieve?

We retained the distinctive blue and grey brand colours, as well as certain graphical elements, to ensure we kept the much appreciated essence of the Marsh brand. We implemented small but significant changes such as changing the typeface to lowercase, to bring everything in line with the ESG branding and ensure group brand consistency.

The new look and feel was applied to every piece of company stationery and we then moved on to the website. We gave the site a clean, professional new look and improved its usability. Again, small changes and attention to detail ensured it was tied in to the group site. The result was an updated, engaging and easy to use website, which sat neatly alongside the ESG site.

The group had a range of 11 ‘eco’ (energy controlled) products, which required their own names and look and feel. Previously, they’d had very technical names, so we developed a more customer-friendly identity for the range, including logos for all 11 products. All of which were then featured, looking fantastic, on the Marsh Systems website as well as the other sites in The Energy Solutions Group.

Another lovely job, beautifully done.

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