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What did we do?

The Hyundai-KIA Automative Group is one of the top five producers of automobiles in the world. The KIA Motors Corporation is based in South Korea and has subsidiaries across 165 countries. In the UK KIA has over 166 dealerships and there are big plans for expansion.

KIA approached us to discuss how we could help to build brand awareness, change brand perception and increase sales. We conducted our usual research of the brand and the specific dealerships we work with and we decided to channel our immediate energies into a social media project.

We devised long term social media plans, incorporating the wider marketing activity and strategy which fulfilled the key aims of the dealerships, then created a strategy to implement to get the wheels turning ASAP.

What did we achieve?

Whilst creating the social media strategy we refined the key objectives to;

·      Use social media to engage with new user groups.
·      Reach a changing target audience.
·      Conveying the personality of the brand and the individual dealerships more effectively.
·      Making the car purchasing process less daunting.

Our work is ongoing with the two dealerships that initiated our help. This means, of course, that we can’t give away all of our secrets, but we can illustrate a couple of bits and bobs relating to the work we’ve successfully carried out. 

We established social media presence from scratch for both dealerships, including Facebook welcome pages, Facebook competition apps, branded twitter and Facebook profiles. All of these are bespoke Facebook applications which we designed, developed and built in-house. The development team love a bespoke application challenge and when cars are thrown into the mix they’re particularly happy souls. 

We carry out full management of Facebook and Twitter accounts including daily posts, competitions, campaigns, utilising hashtags, increasing fans and followers, and creating engaging content to encourage interaction amongst online community.

Our ongoing consultancy also includes user training, regular feedback, campaign ideas and support. Effective social media that is devised creatively and appropriately and is managed cleverly can give brand the edge over their competitors.

As an example, the KIA Bury Facebook page grew from nothing to acquiring 1,300 fans in the space of two months.

We worked together with individual dealerships creating bespoke solutions on an individual dealership level rather than as an over all umbrella. We made the process personal and local and applicable to the region, all of the social media activity we provide resonates with its users and target market.

We’re really looking forward to the expansion of KIA and in developing an even further reaching social media plan.

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