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What did we do?

Interflora are an exciting, global prospect. We’d even go as far to say that they’re one of the world’s most recognised brands. We all know of them and have probably used their services at some point, whether to make the odd groveling apology or Birthday wish.  

We were approached by the CEO of Interflora to devise a sub-brand to specifically target the business-to-business sector. Our brief was to analyse their current practice and then devise and execute an effective concept. We reviewed their core brand and methods of delivering marketing collateral. We understood their current market and opportunities for growth that were, at the time, unexplored. Interflora are all about flowers that are prepared with care by skilled florists and then hand delivered. They continue with a service that they have been carrying out successfully with a reputation for excellence for nearly 100 years.

Interflora pride themselves on being recognised as personable and friendly and we do too. We really, truly do. So this was a great opportunity for us to work with a brand with similar over-arching principles.

What did we achieve?

Interflora have always taken care to add a little personal touch to their offering, to go that extra yard or two with their retail experience to make their customers feel valued. We continued with this pre-requisite element of the Interflora brand through each piece of work that we devised and produced. 

We provided a series of concepts across direct mail, point of sale displays, marketing campaigns, icons, straplines, colour palettes; all of the requirements involved in the development of a completely new sub-brand. We devised new strategies for contacting previously untapped markets. We created the concepts, helped with the pitch, designed the collateral and executed each campaign with a big portion of Pixel8 style.

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