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G-3 Glasscoat

What did we do?

G-3 Glasscoat make and distribute a protective lacquer which is applied to cars to help retain their ‘just-new’ look. Its unique formulation keeps vehicles cleaner for longer and protects against paintwork deterioration. They came to us initially for a website redesign, they wanted it to work harder for them and to look more appropriate for the product and portray their success as a business. It needed to feel innovative, futuristic and convey the uniqueness of their offer. We fulfilled this brief and more.

We built the site on the Drupal platform and included a content management system and training for the G-3 team so that moving forwards they could edit the website themselves without paying an external agency for amends. We opened up a new sales channel by adding an ecommerce section for purchase of the product online. We introduced video testimonials and product demonstrations and we included a beautiful animated banner that illustrates the relationship between cars and the almost space age G-3 product. 

What did we achieve?

The new G-3 Glasscoat website featured strong, bold colours, and the use of graphics and imagery created the modern, futuristic feel the client was looking for.  Numerous new elements that were successfully introduced have driven sales and achieved a more appropriate and suitably high-tech image. The navigation was improved and product information was presented cleanly and simply so that customers were able to find what they needed at the click of a mouse.

G-3 created a product for the world renowned, international lsle of Man TT motorcycle racing event which is one of the most prestigious in the world.  Working alongside the TT brand was a coup for G-3 and so we created a separate micro site for the specific TT product that included testimonials and video reviews that linked to the G-3 ecommerce section.

G-3 went on to expand their range to include products designed specially for motorbikes so we helped out by creating a landing page that would appeal to motor sports enthusiasts. The landing page www.ttbikestuff.com incorporated some fantastic motor-racing imagery to appeal specifically to the target market. With its strong social media focus, news feed and photo sharing functionality, the site has now become a ‘must-visit’ destination for TT fan everywhere.

G-3 Glasscoat, along with their partners at TT, were thrilled with the outcome of both projects. We call it a genuine, bonafide success.

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