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What did we do?

Our partnership with Crowne Plaza has become one of our most enduring affairs of the last 13 years.

It began in 2010 following our award-winning success in refreshing the Hotel Indigo brand for IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group). We were asked to refresh the overall Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts brand, which currently has 388 hotels in 60 countries.

Crowne Plaza were quite understandably happy with their logo. They’re a massively successful organisation and their logo is recognised and respected all over the world. Our challenge was to work around the logo, refreshing every other element without creating a recognisable difference to its fundamental logo design.

We got completely stuck into understanding every element of the Crowne Plaza brand. We used in-depth research to fully understand the brand positioning and then used this knowledge to start afresh.

What did we achieve?

Despite their success, Crowne Plaza had no relevant brand guidelines in place. If Crowne Plaza had continued in their use of the previous brand guidelines, an inconsistent message would have been relayed to both employees and visitors alike. Inconsistency results in an inadequate and under-performing brand image.

So, we created a 200-page set of brand guidelines that have become the ‘go to’ place for all things Crowne Plaza. They had to be easy to understand and tell the comprehensive brand story, taking a complicated brand structure and simplifying it to make it inviting and a pleasure to learn from.

They had to demonstrate the usability of the huge selection of images taken during the worldwide photoshoots and the flexibility, effectiveness and ease of application of all the brand elements and rules created to ensure the 'holy grail' of consistency.

That’s just one small part; there have been so many elements involved in this brand refresh that they are almost impossible to quantify here. We created Facebook campaigns, advertising campaigns, all the in-house collateral, templates, web portals…the list goes on and on. All this for the world’s largest hotel group.


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