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What did we do?

The British Medical Association (BMA) has represented doctors and promoted good healthcare for all for over 175 years. It’s a recognised trade union and has campaigned for improvements in junior doctors pay and conditions for doctors at all stages of their career. Basically, they’re good eggs and we love working with people who do good deeds, especially when these include campaigning for the NHS.

They came and asked us to pitch ideas to them regarding the launch of their Ambassador Scheme, for which they wanted to utilise social media in various ways. After our usual research and initial creation of some online strategies we won the pitch and our relationship with BMA began in earnest.

The BMA Ambassador Scheme was launched to encourage existing members to recruit new members, BMA wanted to know how they could use social media to attract, retain and support the scheme and all of its advocates and members. We designed an online strategy that supports all of their offline events and we’ve breathed life into their social media, creating an informative and friendly new tool for communication.

What did we achieve?

Social media was the BMA priority alongside the launch of the new Ambassador section on the website. They approached us looking for a streamlined method for improving communication and promoting the launch and continuation of the Ambassador Scheme. We achieved this and succeeded in increasing the number of people engaging with the programme, which was a primary objective.

The BMA social media profiles allow for the dissemination of information quickly and easily between existing Ambassadors and new recruits. They are straightforward channels for Ambassadors and members to use to receive accurate information and news about the scheme and what it provides. We also enabled improved communication between the Ambassadors themselves and the BMA team, which is now a valuable channel. We created two applications illustrating the benefits of being an Ambassador and the benefits of being a BMA member, which potential recruits of each can be directed to for further information and where they can register interest.

We’re really pleased that there are now over 400 individuals using the social media forums for communication. Our initial contract has been extended and so our online journey with BMA continues…

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