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What did we do?

BAS provide energy solutions to businesses, and are part of The Energy Solutions Group. BAS are a long-established firm, with a strong brand that customers recognised easily. So when they came to us for some Pixel8 magic in the form of a brand refresh, we knew any changes had to be subtle.

BAS had only recently become part of The Energy Solutions Group (ESG), which was the main driver behind the changes to the brand. BAS wanted to retain much of the existing brand personality and identity, but it also needed to be updated and brought into line with the wider group identity.

As well as making the required changes to the brand, we revamped the BAS website, sub-branded a number of key products to clearly define them and then applied the new designs to their business stationery.

What did we achieve?

We retained the BAS brand colours, as well as their strapline and a selection of key graphical elements, ensuring we kept hold of the essence of the BAS brand. We implemented small changes such as changing the typeface to lowercase, to bring it in line with the ESG group branding.

The new design look and feel was then applied to the company stationery and business cards and we then quickly moved on to designing and building them a shiny new website for the business.

We developed a clean, professional looking website, with improved usability and customer journey throughout the site. Our subtle changes and attention to detail ensured that it all tied nicely into the ESG group web site. The result was an updated, engaging and easy to use website, which sat neatly alongside the ESG group website.

The BAS group also had a range of 11 energy controlled products to develop. Each needed to be clearly defined across the business, so we gave each product a vibrant colour and simple name.  Previously, they’d had very technical names, so we spent our time developing a much more customer-friendly identity for each of the products.

We locked our creatives away for a few days and Bingo! the 'ECO' brand was born. From this we were able to take the 11 product names, colours and ECO sub-brands to develop 11 beautifully defined logos. We then built individual web pages on the BAS website to help them clearly define each product thus enabling us to feature them across the other sites within the ESG group. 

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