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Back on Course

What did we do?

In 2009, the Open University, together with UCAS and English universities, established a 3 year project called Back on Course. It aimed to reduce university drop-out rates by offering information, advice and guidance as well as facilitating transfers to other universities for students with different needs. Initially, we were approached to design the website for Back on Course. The brand had already been established, so we took the visual identity and applied it to their online presence.It was really important to make sure that the site was accessible, friendly and clear, with all of the key information up front and easy to find.

The client was chuffed to bits with the new look and feel of the site, which we had originally built in flat html. However, a few months after launch, they realised they did in fact need to be able to edit the web content in-house.

What did we achieve?

To solve this problem, we embarked on a project to rebuild the site using Drupal. To kill two birds with one stone, we also took the opportunity to look forward and think about what other content and features might be required over the life of the project. As a result, we added lots more interesting and engaging content, and also implemented an online registration form so that students could get started with the service without having to physically post an application form.

The client was thrilled to be able to update the site in-house quickly and easily. As with all websites though, things never stood still, and additional changes and improvements were required throughout the life of the 3 year project. About 12 months after the re-launch, we were on-hand once again to help implement new features such as a blog and slideshow content. Pixel8 at the ready…

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