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What did we do?

We were approached by the folks at Air Energi to assist in presenting their business to engineers and their clients. Set up over 30 years ago, the group is one of the world’s largest and most successful businesses, completely dedicated to providing technical expertise to the global oil and gas industry. They are a focused and driven team, who have an exhaustive knowledge of the gas and oil industry and the people working in it.

The Air Energi Group stations engineering professionals in more than fifty countries and has ventures in over thirty countries across the world. We researched the requirements of their clients, understanding the need to improve their methods of recruitment in a more cost-effective way. Their clients increasingly need to outsource all of their recruitment needs and our challenge was to help Air Energi become perfectly placed to help with all the required services.

We wanted to provide a really versatile web solution. Something flexible and informative with truly useful and innovative key elements. So, we redesigned the website to provide a whole new look and then created the key elements. We developed a ‘payrate and salary’ calculator pop-up, designed to attract engineers and industry professionals looking for new employment to the site. The user inputs their details (according to position, salary and desired location of work) and they‘re immediately presented with details of their potential earning abroad or at home. Clever, huh?

What did we achieve?

Users are now able to search for vacancies on the website, the information required for this is housed on a different platform, which required integration with a third party called Trisys. As part of the ‘contact us’ information we designed and developed an interactive map that looks beautiful and also displays all of the office locations worldwide.

A global organisation needs to provide this information and we believe that there’s no reason why all the ‘stuff at the bottom of the page’ can’t look as attractive as the rest. An extra feature we developed is the world clock, which displays the time in any chosen location around the globe - another useful addition for a multi-national company.

We love the challenges presented by global organisations like this. Our web developers especially enjoyed getting their cogs whirring to provide innovative solutions. Our work with Air Energi has been effective and always cost-efficient.

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