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Accident Compensation

What did we do?

Accident Compensation is a personal injury solicitors firm operating in a competitive industry and market. Given the sheer number of personal injury organisations out there, we needed to create a new exciting accident compensation brand that would stand out from the firm's competitors. A proposition that would create a sense of trust.

We immediately set about creating a positioning that set Accident Compensation out as a caring, helpful organisation.  We developed an illustrative style that personalised the site and set out the specialist areas that Accident Compensation focuses on. 

When we create new corporate branding and website designs for clients, we always provide a selection of creative branding ideas, design formats and colour options. The folks at Accident Compensation wanted something different for their new website. And our research revealed that many of the websites lack a degree of creativity; neither interesting use of colour nor fonts was anywhere to be found.

We created different straplines and icon designs that could be incorporated into the logo’s identity. Working closely with Accident Compensation, the strapline ‘you’re in safe hands’ was chosen to give the logo a reassuring look and feel.

We didn’t apply any of the bold, brash selling features that many compensation websites have. We wanted the logo design and the web design to feel friendly, fun and approachable.

What did we achieve?

From the selection of logo and web designs presented, the quirky design featuring unique characters involved in everyday types of accidents was chosen. For each accident category we wanted to portray something different, and went with the idea of illustrating multiple characters to play out the scenes from different types of accidents. The characters are bright and colourful and appear caring, there’s a dollop of humour in there too. We also developed a character that shows the different amounts of compensation payable for various personal injuries. We wanted to illustrate this traditional element of a personal injury website using an alternative and more attractive approach.

Our SEO magicians worked hard on the Accident Compensation website. It's worth remembering that personal injury is arguably THE most competitive field of SEO. And we also had to build a brand-spanking, new website from scratch with no previous history. This made creating top ranking positions in a tough market even more difficult. But we did it.

After we had optimised the website, its ranking for all applicable search terms rose dramatically and traffic visiting it increased substantially.

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