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Sometimes we all need a makeover. And your brand isn’t any different.

Whether it’s time to merge the old with the new, reposition your services, or meet the changing needs of your customer base, rebranding is an opportunity to change the conversation. And it means sparking the attention of your audience in an entirely different way.

At pixel8, we offer a full rebranding service - giving us the opportunity to utilise all of our team skills united behind one united campaign message. With brand strategists, graphic designers, and a few copywriters along the way, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver rebranding campaigns that deliver real results.

Don’t fancy a full rebrand? That’s perfectly fine too. We also provide a brand refresh service for our clients, encompassing anything from a logo redesign to developing an up to date brand essence.


How can pixel8 help with rebranding and brand refresh?

Your business is never too small, or too well-established, to consider a rethinking of your brand message.

Companies of all sizes and ages need to remain in touch with their audience and stay relevant and attractive to customers. Consumer expectations change. And your product’s market position will - in all likelihood - evolve over time. When that happens, you may wish to consider rebranding your business.

Additionally, you may have noticed that you and your colleagues are struggling to verbalise your company values. Or that you need a consistent image throughout all of your business collateral. These are signs that you need to address your branding needs - and we can help you put the wheels in motion.

At pixel8, we offer comprehensive rebranding and brand refresh strategies based on proven track record of success - such as creating new:

  • Brand essences

  • Brand guidelines

  • Logos

  • Tones of voice

  • Brand personality

  • Product design

  • Business assets

With previous clients including Manchester United, InterContinental, and Electricity North West, the pixel8 team have cut their teeth on a variety of local and international brand campaigns.

It’s where our story began. And we have no doubt that great brands will continue to shape our present and future for years to come.

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