Why Your Business Needs Digital Advertising
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Why Your Business Needs Digital Advertising

Why Your Business Needs Digital Advertising

Every now and then here at Pixel8, we like attend events that allow us to brush up on our digital marketing knowledge. The Business Growth Hub recently hosted an event titled ‘An Introduction to Paid Digital Advertising’ presented by Creativjam and Google. PPC and Google Adwords are a huge part of digital advertising – and we’re always keen to keep up to date with all the latest developments!

Let’s get down to business shall we? What was stressed to us is how digital marketing has been taken over by tablets and mobile devices – and PPC and Google Adwords gets your content in front of your customer.

Ever noticed how in train stations everybody has their heads down reading their phone? Digital Advertising recognises that most people spend their time in front of an LED screen, whether you like it or not.


The Stats of Digital Advertising 

·      53% of smartphone users check their phones when they wake up

·      88% of consumers research products online before they make a decision

·      61% prefer news on PC, Tablet, Laptop or mobile to a print newspaper (Important for PRs!)

·      63% surf the web and watch TV at the same time


What is PPC exactly?

PPC or ‘Pay-Per-Click’ advertising is exactly what it says on the tin. You set up an advert to appear on Google to a targeted audience (which is free) and then you pay every time a potential customer clicks on your website. The amount you pay for the click depends on the business. If you’re targeting keywords that a lot of other companies are targeting, you’ll pay more for those clicks. It’s a bidding war to get people onto your website! – but it’s one that’s worth winning! You can also target your paid advertising specifically to your demographic to get even better results.



What’s Organic Search then? 

Organic search advertising is different, and makes use of keywords. You can discover keywords relevant to your business through Google Adwords to get a good understanding of what people are searching for in either your local area, or an international one!

For instance, if you own a pizza parlour, pizza will be one of your keywords, but you can focus it more on the local area, for example pizza in Manchester, if you want to drive more relevant traffic to your site. Using keywords in the content on your website helps to increase your rankings on organic search (where you don’t pay) and makes it more likely for potential customers to see your business on search engines.

Don’t get us wrong, both digital and traditional print advertising have their merits. But one positive of using digital advertising is that you can see exactly where your traffic on your website is coming from, whether that’s through organic or paid search. You can’t see what’s happening with a billboard after all or how much effect it has.

And here’s the shameless plug… Our team have over 15 years experience in SEO and PPC. Our PPC campaigns are targeted and we ensure that your brand will get the biggest audience reach with maximum ROI. 


This blog was written by our amazing intern Elleanor Wears - Take a look at her blog here

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