Why TripAdvisor is more powerful for leisure brands than Twitter
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Why TripAdvisor is more powerful for leisure brands than Twitter

Why TripAdvisor is more powerful for leisure brands than Twitter

When it comes to promoting your leisure brand, there are many ways to do it. Everyone’s going digital, and this is because it’s an incredibly useful way to reach your target audience as quickly and as effectively as possible.

3.17 billion people use the internet across the globe according to Statista, and it’s an audience you can’t afford to miss out on. But what’s the best way for a leisure brand to get the attention of those potential customers?

Well, that’s debatable.

A lot of people flock to social media platforms such as Twitter, and although this is an effective way to target potential customers, no one wields as much power as TripAdvisor in this sector.


TripAdvisor - The Statistics

Did you know that the TripAdvisor app has been downloaded more than 290 million times according to these TripAdvisor stats?

But the power of this platform doesn’t stop there. The statistics also reveal that there are over 200 new contributions posted every MINUTE!

With such powerful statistics that speak such volumes, it’s hard to ignore the potential audience and awareness that TripAdvisor could bring right to your leisure business’ door if you simply take control of your business page.

So we guess the next question is how does a leisure business do this effectively?


How to set up an effective TripAdvisor account

When someone hasn’t taken control of the TripAdvisor account, it really shows.

Have you yourself ever come across a profile filled with poor customer images and a lack of information?

An example of this can be seen below.

Odeon Cinema Trip Advisor

As you can see above, the header image for the Odeon cinema in Dudley leaves a lot to be desired. This photo contributed by a visitor looks more like a warehouse than a place you’d want to spend the afternoon with your friends and family.

But all this account needs a little TLC, and it doesn’t take long to take and upload photographs that’ll inspire people to visit (and spend their disposable income!)

Poor and good reviews are also both equally ignored, and there are unanswered questions such as 'is this a suitable place for children', as can be seen on the right-hand side. A simple question that can be quickly picked up by the TA adviser in your business, it's just good customer care. This is certainly something you don't want to emulate with your own listing.

But how do you set an account up and avoid this happening?

The first thing to do is to head on over to the TripAdvisor website. When you follow that link, you can select what business type you are and then all you need to do is simply fill out the details of your business such as the address, your name and role there, and other details such as a description of your leisure business.

Finish it off with some images, and then submit the listing. It’s as simple as that!


Why is TripAdvisor so good for your business compared to Twitter?

We’ve already mentioned that both of these platforms are effective areas for your business to shout about how great you are, but TripAdvisor tends to have even more power than most.

Yet why is this?

  • TripAdvisor doesn’t require real-time responses, unlike Twitter where customers expect a response (fast!). This gives you more time to respond to reviews when it's suitable for you, not the customer.

  • TripAdvisor allows you to cultivate your loyal customers in one place. You’ll notice when you start to garner reviews that you’ll have some brand ambassadors out there keen to push your business up with their lovely words. These can be missed on Twitter if you’re not watching it 24/7 or if you don't have a Twitter listening strategy in place.

  • You might also be more likely to be seen on TripAdvisor, especially if you collect enough positive reviews on there. The more good ratings you get, the higher you’ll climb up the listing. You could see yourself as the number one attraction in your area if you work hard enough for it - and that speaks louder than any short-lived tweet ever could, lasting on average just 18 minutes, according to Moz.com.

  • You don’t need to blow your own trumpet on TripAdvisor - your fans will do it for you. On Twitter, any positive reviews will have to be retweeted, and not everyone wants to see a wall spammed full of how great your leisure attraction is.
    With TripAdvisor, it’s subtle and even more effective. People get a real insight into your business - and these are the people who are actively looking for reviews too, making it ten times more effective.

  • It’s also important to note that when people are visiting TripAdvisor they’re looking for advice. They’re hoping to find out more about your establishment and whether they should spend the money there. Twitter is not, therefore making TripAdvisor a more effective advertising medium.

  • TripAdvisor is also easier to monitor. Your customers do the reviews for you, and because you don't have to post updates yourself it's a lot less high-maintenance than Twitter. In short, it's perfect for the busy marketing manager!

Pixel8 and TripAdvisor

Think your leisure business could benefit from TripAdvisor? Well, we’re on hand to assist.

Here at pixel8 we can offer the following support:

  • We can respond to your reviews if you’re struggling to do so alongside everyday business needs

  • We can provide the photography needed to create an effective profile for you

  • We can also set up your profile and then monitor it with reports

But that’s not all. We’re adaptable, and whatever you need from us we’ll be able to help. To discuss the potential TripAdvisor opportunities for your leisure business, give us a call on 0161 228 6489. You can also fill in our contact us form below.

You can also discover how we pledge to help brands with their online presence right here


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