What the Pixels are thankful for!
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What the Pixels are Thankful for!

What the Pixels are Thankful for!

Today is Thanksgiving in America, and we thought what better way to celebrate with our American cousins than with a KFC (Matt and Marc had it for lunch!) and a blog outlining what we’re all thankful for!

Take a look below to see all the wonderful things the Pixels are giving thanks for this year!



Life. Love. Lego ;)



My boys
My family
My dog
Pixel8 & Nige 
Colleagues & friends
Food, laughter & a tipple


I'm thankful for my family's health. 

I'm also thankful for the invention of automated household appliances.
I'm really thankful for concealer, babysitters, baby wipes, and children's TV
I'm most thankful for alcohol and what's app.


Good brews, good books and great company. Also roller derby. 



I'm thankful for my folks - they do a lot for me and Janette, and our house!



Pigs in blankets
STRONG coffee
my BF, pals and fam
SpoutSocial wizardry
Penguin Classics
Nigella Lawson (my idol)
the Pixels (my second family)
The colour emerald green
Magic, mythology, and history
Maccie's chips dipped in chocolate milkshake
Lancome Eyeliner
Jon Snow
Stylist magazine
and guinea pigs


All bring joy to my life and make me very thankful indeed.



I’m thankful for my fiance, family and friends, and also for this year. I've had some amazing experiences and I am now engaged to my soul mate. 

I’m also thankful for the legend that is JK Rowling and the way she makes life that little bit more magical. 



I'm thankful for HBO.



I'm thankful for Mum, Dad, Seetal, Hollie and James Hanson. 


What are you thankful for? Send us a tweet and let us know!


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