Google Tag Manager: What Marketers Need to Know
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What Marketers Need To Know About Google Tag Manager

What Marketers Need To Know About Google Tag Manager

It seems that not a day goes by where Google don't decide to change or add something new to their all-dominating search engine - but there are some good/helpful sides to Google, including the following: Google Tag Manager.

This platform was created with one main aim - to help digital marketers.

Hooray! - the world shouts at once. But what is Google Tag Manager? And what do marketers need to know about this initiative?

We’ve done the research below so that you don’t have to. 


What is Google Tag Manager?

The whole idea of the Google Tag Manager is to help digital marketers develop coding without needing to go to their web dev team.

But the type of coding it develops is very specific.

Google Tag Manager creates tag coding (the clue’s in the title, really), and this is used to help marketing managers to track how their website is performing.

For example, Google Analytics and search console both rely on tags in your website code that enables them to receive information from your site so that you can analyse it later.  

Without these tags, your analysis metric software cannot give you the stats and information that you need, making tags one of the key aspects of any digital marketing campaign.

So it’s a pretty crucial for those who work in marketing!


What are the benefits of Google Tag Manager?

You may be wondering why marketing managers would want a piece of software that can create code when they have a web development team to do it?

Well, you’ve probably noticed the web dev team are usually busy working on something else, and that requests from the digital marketing teams can sometimes take a long time to come into action.

Google Tag Manager allows you to cut this step out of the coding process and allows you to same vast amount of time by creating and implementing the code yourself with the software.

It’s also not limited to websites.

With GTM you can also add and change tags that are on your mobile apps too. This is a great way to allow marketing execs to get on with their digital marketing roles instead of having to try and figure out tricky coding skills.

As you can manage your tags on the platform, you can also rest assured that they’re incredibly easy to change and work well with other applications you might be using to track your marketing metrics.

You can find out more about which third party apps you can expect to work with GTM.


What other tools should I be using from Google?

Google Tag Master isn’t the only fantastic platform for marketing managers. In fact, Google offer a wide variety of tools to really help you see what’s occurring behind the scenes of your website.


Google Analytics

One of the most popular websites for those managing a site is Google Analytics. This is because GA provides tonnes of useful information including amount of visits, the pages they’re visiting, where they originally entered and exited the website, the device they're using and much, much more.

It’s this data that allows you to monitor how your website is performing, as well as any marketing campaigns on there - and from there you can keep refining your efforts until your marketing efforts and plans are brilliant.


Google Search Console

Google Search Console, formerly known as Web Master Tools, is another platform that can be used to monitor how your websites are performing.

It’s a great platform to use if you're hoping to check whether Google have provided any issues or warnings for your website that could affect rankings, as well as enabling you to check out crawl errors, your appearance on search engines and much more.

It really is an excellent way to help you decipher how your website is performing in terms of SEO. 


Google Adwords

Everyone loves a good keyword, and knowing the right ones to use on your website and your advertising efforts is key to any effective digital marketing campaign.

Adwords allows you to check out what are the best keywords for you and their prices, and then you can set up PPC campaigns so that you appear as a sponsored ad for that word or phrase on the Google search engine.

You do pay for each click you receive though - so make sure you set it up right!


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