What Marketers Can Learn From The EU Referendum
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What Marketers Can Learn From The EU Referendum

What Marketers Can Learn From The EU Referendum

Everyone’s gearing up to vote in the EU referendum on the 23rd of June, and it’s starting to feel like this vote is popping up everywhere you look. From social media to print advertising to every newspaper in the UK, the referendum is shoved in our faces until it’s all we can think about.

But it doesn't have to be quite as annoying if you think about it all in a different way.

That's why we’re going to discuss what you could learn from both the remain and leave marketing campaigns when it comes to making a splash on and offline for your own business too!


1. The Power of a Hashtag

On Twitter, people use hashtags to get a conversation flowing around a certain subject matter - and there have been a lot flying around based on discussing the referendum.

Both sides of the argument have hashtags around. and are all over social media, and there are also some rather fun ones out there too.

One that’s stuck out for us here at pixel8 is the hilarious

Whether you’re voting in or out, you have to admit that this bit of social media genius is thoroughly entertaining in what has been a quite dark and bitter debate.

It's great adding a bit of humour to a serious matter as it certainly lightens the mood at little and makes things more relatable. 

Hashtags like this always spread quickly, so it's important to come up with a hashtag to get people talking in your marketing campaign. 


2. The Power of Celebrity Endorsement

Something else that’s become apparent during the EU Referendum is the power of a celebrity endorsement.

As we don’t know which way the vote will go as of yet, it’s hard to say whether it will be effective, but the amount of celebrities banding together in the campaign could very well help influence those who are unsure about which way they’re planning on voting.


Cameron seemed pretty pleased with one of the most recent endorsements of David Beckham, although not everyone else shared the same sentiment. But there have also been celebrities endorsing Leave too - such as Katie Hopkins.

Perhaps neither of these voices have much of a sway, but there are some celebrities out there with loyal followings. For example, JK Rowling is offering her support to the Remain campaign - which could very well influence a lot of people who have great respect for the writer and her views.

She also agrees that one of her most villainous characters in Harry Potter would actually vote Leave, which could quite easily put doubt in the minds of her fans that had previously been voting this way. 


3. The Power in Numbers

Although the vote looks set to be incredibly close, what has been interesting during this time is the banding together of David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn.

There’s no love lost between these two as the UK knows - and they both lead strongly opposing parties. However, they’ve come together on this issue to try and secure a Remain vote.


This is perhaps one of the only times we’ll see these parties united over anything, and it’s a great example to set for marketers.

Sometimes, you can learn a lot from your competition, and banding together could also prove beneficial if you’re both hoping to achieve similar aims. A joint charity campaign, for example, could push both of you into the public eye a lot more easily than just one company supporting the campaign. Why not see if you can make some new marketing friends today? 


4. The Strength of Humour

One thing most people can agree on is that this has been a rough campaign from both sides of the argument. Scaremongering has been rife for both Remain and Leave, but there is one thing that’s perhaps more effective than using misleading statistics  - and that is humour.

For example, the Remain campaign seem to be rather fond of using this tactic.

There has been various posters popping up around Manchester City Centre, and we’ve had images of Donald Trump and Boris Johnson making out printed onto our eyelids which we thought was bad enough. But then most recently we’ve also had this little delight too…

Image Sourced from Brunch News

We're not really sure that this is what Miley Cyrus had in mind when she shot this video, but humour tends to attract people to your campaign far more effectively than scaremongering. 

It sticks in people’s minds and encourages them to talk about it to others - so always be sure to appreciate the power of humour during your next marketing campaign.

You could see truly inspirational results!


5. Offline Advertising Isn’t Dead

These days everyone’s looking online to advertise, but advertising offline isn’t dead yet.

The campaigns from both side of the vote are proving this right now!

We’ve all had the leaflets and posters in our letterboxes from both Remain and Leave - and the cost of these being designed, print and posted isn’t cheap.

It would be an avenue left alone if offline media wasn’t still effective in the modern day world.

In fact, we dare to suggest that it could even wind up being more effective than it’s favoured online cousin, simply because everyone else is focusing on the internet rather than sending actual paper through your door.

Keep this in mind for your next marketing campaign too!


However you choose to vote on the 23rd of June, we hope you have found our blog useful and are ready to attack your next marketing campaign with newly restored inspiration!

And if you do need a little assistance, you know where we are.

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