What Leisure Marketers Need To Know About Snapchat's Latest Feature
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What Leisure Marketers Need To Know About Snapchat's Latest Feature

What Leisure Marketers Need To Know About Snapchat's Latest Feature

There is always a need for leisure marketing managers to build upon their go-to collection of innovative marketing solutions. This is due largely to the fact that there are other innumerable leisure brands also trying to stay ahead of the game too. Ultimately, every leisure marketer wants to stand out, have their brand talked about, and increase their revenue and footfall.

Therefore, marketing managers in the leisure sector have a distinct responsibility to keep abreast of new software and marketing developments, whilst also investing in tools that will leverage success for their brand.

The rise of social media changed marketing. Now, before some marketers have even fully adapted to that world, the social web is transforming again. The rise of private social networks such as Snapchat, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp will challenge the strategies that marketers developed for public social networks. This rise of more intimate channels presents new opportunities, and perhaps perils, for marketers.

In an app people are primarily using to communicate with friends and family, what role does a brand have to play? The challenge is discoverability vs. interactivity - how can marketers and brands exploit the platform to allow targets to discover and then engage?

Snapchat has recently introduced a new technology known as ‘Geofilters’, and this is an inexpensive and clever way for brands to break through on this growing platform.  Below we discuss what Geofilters are, and how marketing managers can adopt them into an experiential marketing strategy to communicate with targets immediately.


What are Geofilters?

70% of users become regular customers after an experiential marketing event.’

Millennials prefer brand communications that are immediate, expressive, and intimate, Snapchat’s new Geofilter feature offers this opportunity on a plate for marketers and brand managers to leverage.

According to Statista, the largest age group that uses Snapchat range from 18-24 at 37%, with another 23% of users aged between 13-17 – resulting in more than half of users Snapchat users being aged under 24.

Therefore, leisure brands cannot afford to miss out on reaching this key Generation Y and Millennials via the social platform - they are the future of your brand’s success, after all.

One of the main features of Snapchat are their filters. On the surface, they turn people into dogs, elephants, slim down faces, add flowers to user’s hair – the possibilities are endless and change on a daily basis. It’s just a bit of fun you might think, yet Geofilters are one step beyond this. This is where the opportunity for brands comes in...

Once a photograph is taken on Snapchat, users can then swipe left or right to unlock more photo editing options. They can turn images black and white, increase contrast, and more – but there is now also a new filter that can be added to images, and these are what we refer to as ‘Geofilters.’

To demonstrate, we’ve included some key examples below.

The ‘Northern Quarter’ and ‘Manchester’ logos are Geofilters in this example, and are also interchangeable depending on a Snapchat user’s location.

Snapchat have recently opened this technology out to brands, which is why marketing managers need to pay attention. Known as ‘On-Demand Filters’ – there are ‘Community Filters’ too, but these aren’t for brands -  they allow marketing and branding teams to create a design to be overlaid onto images. Whatsmore, marketers can also limit the location, resulting in cost-effective, local campaigns that make Snapchat marketing more affordable than ever before.


What are the marketing benefits of Snapchat’s latest feature?

Marketing managers in the B2C leisure sector have a fantastic opportunity here. Below we’ve highlighted some of the key reasons why all leisure brands should be adopting this into their marketing strategy.


Localised marketing

One of the key developments with the latest Geofilters release is the fact that brands can limit their filters to their location. This means that only local prospects can see the filter on their Snapchat platform, allowing for targeted marketing.

This could prove to be especially fruitful for leisure brands who may be able to pull potential customers in with limited deals and offers, beating off competition in the same area who aren’t targeting their advertising direct to locals in this way.

This is a marketers dream for those based on highly competitive leisure complexes or city centre locations.

Experiential benefits

As well as this, using Geofilters allow customers to directly interact with your brand, and as discussed earlier, target prospects respond well to this - so much so that ‘65% of brands see a direct link between sales and experiential marketing campaigns.

The simplicity in using Geofilters to leverage success from this direct interaction in such an easy format is proving invaluable for leisure brands.

It’s a simple way to challenge local competition

If a group of young adults were heading out for the night, there’s a large chance that they will take some photos, probably with the filters on Snapchat. If your brand is positioned there then you’re putting your brand in the mind of prospects, who may change their plans and help you to increase flow of footfall into your leisure establishment - especially for events aimed at Snapchat’s typical age group.


How to create a Geofilter

Creating a Geofilter is simple, providing you have the right resources to hand. As this is something that’s going to represent your leisure brand in the public eye, it needs to be on brand and appeal to the right target audience.

Therefore, it needs to be created by a graphic designer.

We’ve had a go at creating a few ideas for Pixel8, which you can see below.

As you can see, we made the filters seasonal as well as incorporating our quirky, unique style and signature brand colour - orange.

Once an image has been drawn up that matches your leisure branding, it’s time to upload it to Snapchat. When you sign up, an image of a phone will appear which will allow you to upload and position your design in the right place on the screen. Please note that your design must feature 100% original artwork, or else will not be approved.

After this, you will be presented with dates so that you can choose when you want your campaign to run, as well as map that will help you limit the reach.

Once the upload process is complete, this will then go to the Snapchat team for approval. It could take up to 24 hours for this to occur.


Geofilter Analytics

As with all the best marketing tools out there, Snapchat also provide analytics for your campaign. When the campaign ends, you’ll be able to view the results which will inform you how many times your filter was used, as well as how many views it had. This will then allow you to see whether this method of marketing is effective for the needs of your leisure business, and enable you to assess future usefulness of the tool.


Need some inspiration?

If you’d like to see how Geofilters could fit into your experiential marketing campaign, and would like us to work on your design, feel free to get in touch with the team at Pixel8. We love Snapchat and all things marketing and branding, and we’d love to help you create your very own Geofilters to alter the way you market your products and services locally.  

To find out more, call us on 0161 228 6489 and ask for Sian. You can even follow Pixel8’s Snapchat antics, just scan our Ghost Code below:



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