We're Back For 2017 - It's Time To Explore The Pixel8 Weekly Marketing & Branding Trends!
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We're Back For 2017 - It's Time To Explore The Pixel8 Weekly Marketing & Branding Trends!

We're Back For 2017 - It's Time To Explore The Pixel8 Weekly Marketing & Branding Trends!

Welcome to the first edition of the Pixel8 weekly trends blog for 2017. There's already been a multitude of exciting trends this week, setting 2017 off as an incredible year of transformation in marketing already - but what’s changing?

From Google Map’s Ride Services upgrade, to YouTube’s Super Chat feature, below you’ll find everything you need to know to get your marketing campaigns off on the right foot this year!


1. Pinterest’s 2017 Marketing Trends

If you only read one blog about 2017 marketing trends, you won’t go wrong with Pinterest’s list 2017 Marketing Trends list.

The social platform discusses distributing content, how creativity will drive new growth, how high-utility content will take centre stage and also how industry measurements will be changing. There’s even a helpful video too. So explore this article from industry expert Tim Kendall here and keep ahead of the competition.


2. YouTube’s Super Chat

Image sourced from www.youtube.googleblog.com

Fresh off the press this week, YouTube have gone live with their brand new feature for 2017!  Known as ‘Super Chat’, the video platform is providing the chance for viewers watching a live stream to buy a ‘Super Chat’, which is a highlighted message that will stand out amongst all the other comments and will more likely capture the attention of the user hosting the live streaming.

Is this simply a way for YouTube to generate more money out of users, playing on their desire to get the attention of people they admire? Quite possibly... but it’ll be interesting where they take it. Visit their website for a demo of Super Chat in action.


3. Ride Services Upgrade on Google Maps

Google are always updating to give users a better experience. Just a few weeks back they launched real-time updates that show how busy a place is, and now they’re improving their Ride Services.

With Google Ride Services you can book a taxi through Google Maps, which isn't something new, but now there is a brand new Map on the app, just like the one you see on Uber. And if you click on their provider list below, you’ll be able to see all the best options for your journey

Google have provided a platform for us to compare this new type of taxi service, and we’re certain it’s going to drum up much more competition in the near future!


4. Snapchat’s Search Bar

When it comes to using Snapchat, user experience can be somewhat confusing. However, the brand is endeavouring to make this easier than ever before with their new Search Bar.

This will always be accessible on the screen of Snapchat users, making life easier if they're looking for a particular publisher or person. The bar can also be used as a shortcut to get to other people’s profiles, which will certainly improve user experience.

It will be rolled out officially across all devices soon, but it's currently in the testing phase on a small selection of Android devices.


5. Marketing Prof’s Google Search Rank Factors Infographic

Image sourced from marketingprofs.com.

It’s 2017, but do you still feel like you’re hitting your head against a wall when it comes to ranking on Google?

The Marketing Prof’s team of experts have gotten together and have created an incredibly useful infographic that shows just what factors really have been affecting ranking last year, and also what has been loosing momentum.

It’s a great read if you’re struggling to find an SEO focus that works for your company, so take a look here.


6. Visual Trends 2017

When it comes to visualising your brand, it's important to keep it up to date and modern. With this in mind, there are some exciting visual trends coming up that will revolutionise branding in 2017 that succesful brands need to know about!

Digital Arts Online have published an article outlining all the visual trends that brands will love. From 2017's Pantone colour - which is Greenery - and the shift away from brands' external packaging towards what their products actually look like - brands have a lot to think about.

To see the visual trends article in full, take a look here


Pixel8's Weekly Trends

That’s all for this week! Are there any trends we’ve missed that you’ve come across this week? Head on over to Twitter or Facebook and let us know.

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