Twitter Launches Targeted Emoji Advertising - But What Would The Employees of Pixel8 Be Targeted For?
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Twitter Launches Targeted Emoji Advertising - But What Would The Employees of Pixel8 Be Targeted For?

Twitter Launches Targeted Emoji Advertising - But What Would The Employees of Pixel8 Be Targeted For?

We all love a good emoji here in Pixel8 Towers, and now advertisers are making use of our adoration too when it comes to ad targeting.

It was announced recently that Twitter is providing advertisers with our emoji usage to allow them to clearly target people who might be interested in their products or services. For example, if you use that pizza one a little more than you should do, you can expect an increase in pizza adverts near you in the not so distant future!

In line with this new development, and as world emoji day is coming around quickly (July 17th!), we thought we would take a moment to analyse our team’s emoji usage to see what kind of adverts they could be expecting to crop up.

There may be also some kind of psychoanalysis involved here, you’ve been forewarned!

Jim - Developer

Jim says a bow is not his most frequently used emoji, but we beg to differ - he’s secretly a delicate flower. The basketball emoji is quite accurate to Jim’s character as he actually plays basketball. Basketball Centre’s across the country could well be targeting Jim for that! It does definitely show that emoji-based targeting could be quite useful for advertising.

Mesh - Account Manager 

Mesh’s emoji use comes under the category of ‘Lad’ - Prone to banter and quite cheeky at times. The football and tennis emojis will definitely come in use for advertisers looking to target footie-mad individuals. If you’re targeting guys obsessed with footie and Mesh isn’t targeted, you’re doing something wrong!

Sian - Digital Marketing Manager

Did you know that Sian has actually been to a wedding and hen-do recently? Well you can tell because it’s in her most recently used emojis! But this could mislead companies into thinking that Sian is getting married, which could lead to some advertisement that is not relevant to her just yet. You can also certainly tell that Sian is an expressive soul from the range of emojis use and it could make her a target by more emotion-focused advertising campaigns (such as charities!).

Nigel - Founder 

Moving on, we come to Nigel, the founder of Pixel8! In Nigel’s words, the emoji with jazz hands is his new favourite and definitely shows his fun side. You can definitely tell that Nigel has been sick recently in his emojis, which would make him a prime advertising target for health businesses as well.

Bob - Developer  

The less we say about this one the better! This is probably the most eclectic one of the bunch, and we’re not quite sure what to think if we’re honest. It’s not surprising, though. Bob is full of life and this is very evident in his ‘chirpy’ emoji selection. Bob’s use of the aubergine emoji could also definitely lead to some targeting from gay communities and magazines!

Georgia - Lead Content Writer

There are a lot of animals on Georgia’s emoji board and it certainly shows her love for animals! We’ve got the next Michaela Strachen in our midst we think. WWF, animal charities and foundations could definitely be targeting her. But not only that, Georgia’s got a hefty amount of alcohol emojis. She could definitely be a target by new bars opening in and around Manchester!

Eleanor - Social Media 

Eleanor’s Emojis definitely are full of top banter. Just based on her use of the taco and burrito emoji, she could definitely be an advertising target for Mexican food! We’re not particularly sure why Eleanor has a football emoji in her frequently used though, but maybe she’s a secret fan?

Ben - Developer 

Ben is a difficult advertising nugget to crack simply because there aren’t any objects/things in his emojis! He uses the glasses/nerd emoji which could make him an advertising target for particularly ‘nerdy’ pursuits such as video games. Overall though,  we have to wonder whether emoji based advertising would actually be useful for targets like Ben.

Paul - Digital Manager  

Paul can be a bit of a dark horse in the office and his emoji selection is definitely an insight! Paul is into his horse racing, as you can see, and he could definitely be a target for companies selling race tickets. But that isn’t all there is to Paul. You can also see that Paul has a loving side. You could also assume that he has a child or a partner, which could make him a target by gift companies!

Emma - Graphic Designer

Emma’s getting married - Can you tell? Because of this, she could be a target for anything wedding orientated - whether it’s a Wedding Planner or a new dress. You can also tell that she’s partial to a vino in her emojis and they also give off the vibe that she loves hanging out with her friends. Wine Brands could be targeting Emma soon!

Marion - Finance Director 

Marion’s emojis show that she’s filled to the brim with love. She could be a target by companies who sell loving birthday and Christmas gifts. But you can also tell that Marion is hard-working - She could definitely be a target from companies focused on personal development and career.

Mark - Creative Artworker 

Mark has a very mixed bunch of emojis! However, there does seem to be the undeniable trend of food and beer. There's also clearly a lot of love in Mark's life for his special lady - as well as that horse there at the end who he seems to be subtly blowing kisses to. Businesses such as bars, breweries and restaurants may all find themselves targeting Mark in the near future. And as a chicken leg is one of his top emojis, and he always eats KFC, we have to say they will probably be spot on with this one!


So here’s the big question: Would emoji based targeting be accurate? Well, it depends. Different emojis mean different things to different people!

This could lead to a lot of targeted advertising to the wrong people and the last thing advertisers want is to bombard the wrong people when they’re paying money for it!

But on the other hand, it could be really useful for companies that target specific things. For example, football or wine glass emojis have an obvious meaning and intention making for good targeted advertising.


We hope you’ve enjoyed your journey through the emojis of pixel8! We imagine targeting people for adverts with emojis will revolutionise marketing in the near future, but for now, we recommend you cut back on using that aubergine!

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