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The traditional, client model is now history

The traditional, client model is now history

We are all familiar with the formula…


The client creates a brief.

The client passes the brief to the agency.

The agency responds to the brief with costs, estimates and timings.

The client signs off the brief.

The agency starts work…

So what’s the problem, I hear you ask?

It lacks efficiency. For an agency to work in this way, they must have the resource in place, ready and waiting for this brief and any subsequent briefs.

Lost in translation. The client creates the brief and if the client was certain of what they wanted, it begs the question as to why the agency is needed. So a brief is invariably a cry for help not an explicit, specific, literal request.

Trial and error. The initial work, lovingly and assiduously created by the agency is really a confirmation as to whether the original brief was correct and this sets the tone for the several iterations that indelibly follow

Who owns the problem? The agency has no responsibility or ownership for the outcome of the project; so the ‘sexier the better’ approach is more often adopted.


In-house team heroes. The theory is great, but the reality is that in-house teams are pulled from pillar to post, defined by who shouts the loudest with all creativity and a passion eked out to the extent that agencies become the go-to for fast turnaround and just more uninspired creative work.

For these reasons and countless others, agencies now grow quickly and equally with many more consigned to the agency graveyard. More importantly, clients don’t realise they are part of an extremely inefficient cycle that is actually preventing them from realising their own objects.

Multiple platforms add a level of complexity and the fast paced real-time nature of these often defines the brand, whilst the traditional brand development work plays a lesser role.

It’s time that agencies and clients came together. Rather than agencies being defined by one-off campaign projects, what if the agency was defined by the achievement of the client’s marketing objectives?

Imagine a time when the agency enables joined up thinking, bringing together multiple channels into a consolidated view?

Imagine an agency that could work with you from concept to completion, to deliver outstanding results.

Imagine if the agency were able to be your brand guardian ensuring brand consistency and enabling a wider team to create marketing collateral through the use of software?

Imagine if the agency owned the time management, the reporting, constantly earned and evolved on your behalf?

And for the agency, imagine a time when you are fully utilised, when your headcount isn't dependant on winning the next pitch?

Founded in 1999, we’ve seen many agencies come and go over the past 20 years, we’ve seen projects that simply don’t work and we’ve also looked deep into our own business to find a DNA that works for all of our clients and ourselves in the future.

At Pixel8, we call this approach Smarter Within™ and we are seeing a real difference in building long-term relationships and results that we are achieving for our Smarter Clients.

By taking ownership of the overall integrated marketing objectives we are able to structure our services to suit your needs. Through a blend of software, in-house agency skills, and onsite resource, we can deliver a solution that’s far more efficient and flexible, stripping away unknowns and delivering a service that is 24/7.

A service that capitalises on the need to be always switched on and delivers a little all the time; constantly improving to achieve better and better results.

We also understand that it can’t always be sexy advertising campaigns all the time. We know that it’s often the nuts and bolts and getting the everyday right that builds confidence and helps to cement the client/agency relationship for a better and smarter future.

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