The Top 5 Best Valentine's Day Adverts - Ever!
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The Top 5 Valentine's Day Adverts of All Time

The Top 5 Valentine's Day Adverts of All Time

The day of lurrvveee is almost upon us and the pixels are excited to find our inner Pepé Le Pew for Valentines...

Pepe le Pew Valentines Day

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably seen a barrage of brands launching Valentine’s day adverts - online, billboards, and television - they're everywhere! These adverts have got the pixels thinking (we know, thinking is a dangerous sport) but we’ve had one question on our lips throughout February...

Which Valentine’s Day advert is actually the best ever created?

We've had a good hard look, so explore below for our favourites!


1. Rolo

For our first suggestion, we’re looking back to an oldie, but a goldie, with the Last Rolo campaign.

Do you love anyone enough to give them your last Rolo?

What we adore about this campaign is that it stuck with the brand and they used it for 20 years in total! Everyone's so familiar with it now that they don't even need to use it, and many a people still lust to be given someone's last Rolo. 

Well done Rolo, for making a Valentine’s advert that’s lasting a lifetime.


2. Tesco

We come right up to present day for our next Valentine's day advert, and we’re really excited with what Tesco have launched for this year.

By analysing the contents of shoppers baskets, Tesco has released an advert matching single people together, and then sending them out on a date.

Take a look below at the result:

What we really love about this is the subtle product placement and the overall heart-warming feel of the advertisement. Plus, is anyone else loving the idea of that chocolate fruit cup as much as we are right now?

I think we know where we’ll be heading for our Valentine’s Day treats this weekend!


3. KFC

This advert from KFC is one that really tugs at the heart strings, and we love it!

The video begins with some young children eating KFC and an older lady watching from her window. She goes back inside, and with Ellie Goulding’s haunting voice we see her dance with her husband as they get younger and younger.

We love the way the cute girl says she’s hungry at the end and wants some KFC. It’s a funny way to advertise friend chicken, we have to admit, but it’s an advert that appeals to the human nature in each of us.

Plus, it's a real tear-jerker - pass the napkins!


4. Google

It’s hard to remember a time when Google wasn’t in our lives, and this advert known as ‘Parisian Love’ is certainly one that many remember.

We follow the journey of a user who wants to study abroad in France, and it becomes apparent that they fall in love with a girl over there.

Of course, the user sticks to their Google Searches, and we love the way Google manage to tell us a story with just their search engine.

Have a look below and discover why this advert is so special.


5. Shera Ceiling Boards

For our final advert, we’ve decided to look towards one all the way from Thailand for something a little different, and when you watch it below you’ll see why it's made our list!

The humour in this viral advert is brilliant, and it’s sure to be one that you'll be talking about when you’re next out with your friends.

But for now, take a look:

Humour sells well, and this advert manages to be romantic as well as funny. Remember, most people fall in love with a good sense of humour. So bookmark this one in your phone, show it to someone this Valentine's Day and enjoy a loved up weekend!

*Disclaimer - We can't promise this will work. The person you're trying to impress may slide away, largely confused. In that case, we recommend the chocolate fruit bowl from Tesco we mention above, which makes a great snack for one as well as two!*


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