The Top 5 Travel Brand Campaigns of the Last 5 Years The Top 5 Travel Brand Campaigns of the Last 5 Years Pixel8 Ltd
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The Top 5 Travel Brand Campaigns of the Last 5 Years

The Top 5 Travel Brand Campaigns of the Last 5 Years

Travel brands are known for their exciting advertising campaigns and the ability to pull in their target audience, and there’s a lot we can learn from them.

Whether it's nailing social media or creating a travel advert that the nation adores, there's a lot to be learnt about a successful travel brand campaign from those at the top of their game. 

With this in mind, feel free to explore below and discover how the likes of Walt Disney World and Virgin Holidays have made themselves into brand travel campaign superstars!

We're certain you'll feel inspired after a quick look through our findings.


1. Kuoni - Find Your Amazing

Best for Video Advertising

You may have seen the above advert before, but if not, take a little moment to explore this amazing brand campaign video. 

Done? What did you think? 

What we really love about this video is how the Kuoni brand have created something so simple, yet so effective. It doesn’t have to generate a huge fuss to get a message across, and saves the talking right for the very end. It allows you to be ultimately absorbed into the advert they’ve created, almost so you feel that you’re actually walking along the ocean floor with her.

It sometimes takes a quiet advert to shout the loudest amongst the rest of the noise produced on your television screen, and Kuoni certainly provides that momentary respite from everyday life that we all find ourselves craving with holidays.

Kuoni always have some interesting campaigns around, so be sure to pay extra special attention to what you can learn from these brand campaign specialists! And remember, don't be afraid to try something a little different with your next video advertising campaign. 


2. Walt Disney World’s -

Best for Generating Buzz

If you’re a fan of Walt Disney World in Orlando, you may have noticed the campaign popping up all over the show.

It’s currently all over their social media accounts, as can be seen below, and what we love about it is that Disney have genuinely found a great way to get people excited for the summer holidays ahead.

Whether it's talking about the rides or going to visit the Orlando parks in general, Walt Disney World are creating a lot of buzz around this hashtag that's rippling through the social media world.

You can see below the types of conversations going on right now surrounding this epic campaign name. There are even other brands getting involved!

But this isn't where this campaign ends. In fact, there are even special offers built around the campaign that Disney fans are sure to adore.

Disney goers will receive interactive wrist bands if they book this deal which light up and you can make things interact with them in certain parts of the parks, and the resort savings are sure to be a delight too!

The conversation is ripe on social, and it’s clear that the campaign has got people excited and managed to generate even more buzz around this already popular brand.

What you can learn from Disney is that you’re never too big to launch a killer brand travel campaign. You always need to be coming up with ways to keep your audience intrigued and appeal to newcomers as well as veteran visitors.

Disney do this with the offers to attract new people and the wrist bands to attract Disney fanatics who enjoy collecting items like these. 


3. Virgin Holidays - Unleash Your Mojo

Best for Television

You’ll probably remember the Unleash Your Mojo campaign from Virgin Holidays which first appeared on our televisions back in 2013 - but if you're not sure, please take a moment to refresh your memory!

This is a fantastic effort from Virgin, and what’s really appealing about this advert is that it calls out to a normal family and wants to make them feel extraordinary.

It's clear that a lot of thought and time has been put into this advert to make it attract the family audience.

What we really think works well is the use of humour and popular culture references. For example, The Harlem Globetrotters are mentioned, as are Knickerbocker Glories. Although they are largely American references, most people know what they are (a basketball team that does tricks and an ice cream dessert, if you’re still unsure), and it’s this that makes the advert relatable.

It has accumulated just shy of 1,000,000 views on YouTube - proving just how popular this ad is with the intended audience. It's a campaign that they've also unleashed different adverts for too. Be sure to explore YouTube if you're intrigued to see them!


4. Hilton - Fans of London

Best for Social Media

Hilton are currently hosting a Fans of London campaign as we speak.

This is largely running through social media, but what’s fantastic about this campaign is that it aims to get the customers really excited about visiting London and staying in their hotels.

There are plenty of videos on their Facebook right now where they delight fans of Harry Potter, The Rolling Stones and much more, and it’s certainly getting attention. 

You can see from the screen grab above that it’s had a total of 43,000 views, as well as 72 shares and 114 reactions. Potential and current customers are getting excited about visiting London and staying with Hilton, and they're probably taking some inspiration for their holiday ideas from the Facebook posts themselves!

The call to action at the top of the video will have people clicking through, intrigued to have their own London experience - which is precisely what Hilton are trying to achieve!


5. Expedia -

Best for Customer Interaction

Expedia is one of the biggest travel comparison companies around. They help you to find great deals for your holidays, and they also care a lot about their customers.

This shines through with just one visit to their Twitter page.

Straight away you’re presented with information about Expedia Chats which encourages followers to get involved and join the conversation.

They’re really creating great talking points on there, and managing to both listen to their customers and generate brand awareness at exactly the same time.

It’s an exciting travel brand campaign which we really love.

The campaign is also getting them retweets and likes, which of course will help promote Expedia on this channel even more.

If you want to show your audience that you care and get people chatting about you on social media then this could be a fantastic option for you to adopt!


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