The Top 5 Television Adverts of the Last 5 Years
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The Top 5 Television Adverts from the Past 5 Years

The Top 5 Television Adverts from the Past 5 Years

Despite the popularity of gaming, music, or going out for the evening, we all eventually return to our humble televisions to catch some entertainment at some point or another.

Yet despite the fact that we love television so much, there is, of course, somewhat of a downside to tuning into a night of visual entertainment.

That downside is the adverts - but whether you love them or loathe them, they’re a part of watching television and can sometimes be very entertaining.

Below we’re going to recap the five best adverts of the past five years.

There are some classics in here that you might have forgotten about, so make sure you take a look and see what you can learn from when it comes to making an advert for your brand, too!


1. MoneySuperMarket - Dave’s - 2015

The first thing that stands out for us with this advert is the humour. If you haven’t seen it below, we recommend you have a watch below - but for a quick recap we see a business man get out of a car, strutting away with some passers by looking incredibly confused indeed.

The advert eventually pans down so that we can see their cause for confusion, which is the fact that Dave is wearing a pair of denim hot pants.

Dave continues to strut to the Pussycat Doll's 'Don't Cha,' and then we see that he is also in stilettos. He even gives us a little dance as he walks, which is highly amusing.

The advert ends with Sharon Osbourne waiting outside a hotel, where she proceeds to tell Dave that he’s ‘So MoneySuperMarket!’

The advert is great because it subverts expectations, and it’s certainly a great talking point between two halves of Coronation Street.

Good for you, MoneySuperMarket!


2. Three - 2014

You might first remember seeing this advert in 2014, and when it first aired it certainly made a bit of an impression.

The advert begins with a young girl on a bike with a cat in the basket at the front. In comes Journey’s ‘We Built This City,’ and then the little girl and cat do a duet, and the advert ending with the caption ‘We all need silly stuff.’

Again, this advert works so well because it’s incredibly funny to see a little girl singing a Journey song with a cat.

Does it have anything to do with Three? Not really. Does it promote their products? Not really. But it makes sure that you keep their brand in mind in the future, and it certainly gets people talking.


3. Virgin Atlantic - 2011

Set alongside the Muse song ‘Feelin' Good,’ this Virgin Atlantic advert from 2011 runs with the tagline ‘You airline’s either got it or it hasn’t.’

The advert itself oozes glamour, which is what Virgin Atlantic wants their airline to be associated with. It also contains some classic humour, such as the man passing through the security scanner who then starts to dance.

Even the captain of the plane looks glamorous, and the red carpet shows you exactly what kind of experience you’ll get from Virgin Atlantic and allows you into the fold of a glamourous life.

Even the plane food looks better than usual as their air stewards dance around giant forks!

Virgin Atlantic have also infused acrobats flying across the sky and the advert ends with a beautiful cabin crew all balancing on a wing, where one of them asks ‘Is that Linda?’ whilst another acrobat flies over.

The other air hostess replies, ‘No, she’s in Miami' - notably another destination associated with luxury.

It really gets the brand message across, and it has over a million views on Youtube alone. Good work, Virgin!


4. Oreo - 2012

Everyone loves cute children, and matched alongside some delicious biscuits makes for a great advert!

In 2012, Oreo launched their ‘The Explanation to Daddy’ advert, which saw a little girl teaching her dad how to eat Oreos the right way in her den. It’s very funny, especially when her father laughs and she says with a deadpan face ‘Don’t laugh, it’s very hard.’

She then proceeds to catch him eating a biscuit in the dead of the night, and the role reversal here is particularly humourous, especially when she raises her eyebrows at him.

The advert works because once more, it’s funny and also subverts expectations.

Take a look below.


5. Haribo - Starmix Advert 2014

Despite first airing in 2014, the Haribo adverts are still around now. But what’s delightful about these ads is that they have used children’s voices over the adults, and it makes for a very funny watch.

The advert below takes place in a cinema and the main woman gives her date a Haribo ring, but then another man with Haribo gets involved and begins to flirt with her over a gummy fried egg. This then leads her date to threaten him by calling 'the policeman'.

This is made all the more humorous by the fact that they’ve got the voices of children, and you're not quite sure whether the kids are adlibbing or whether there's some kind of script.

Take a look below, we’re certain you’ll remember this one as well as these adverts are still on television right now!



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So we’ve come to the end of our advert blog. We hope that the next time the adverts come on your television, you don’t just roll your eyes and make a brew and instead take the time to enjoy them!

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