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The Top 5 Retail Brands That Won Christmas 2015

The Top 5 Retail Brands That Won Christmas 2015

Christmas advertising fever grips the nation’s retailers each and every year - and there’s little surprise this always happens.

With people more willing to splash out on expensive presents and items for the big day, it becomes a competition over who can win the loyalty of the customers spending the most.

And one of the most effective ways to do it is to launch a Christmas campaign to remember.

So which brands triumphed during Christmas of 2015? Let’s take a look!


1. Co-operative

Best for - Television advert


Christmas is a time for giving and looking out for one another, and an advert that captured the very essence of the season quite perfectly was the effort from Co-op.

Their television advert begins with a young man going to the shop to get ice for a party in the snow. Along the way, he sees an elderly neighbour struggling to go out in the tricky weather,  and he decides in the shop to bring him back a bag full of groceries.


What’s so great about this advert is that it subverts your expectations. You don’t expect the young man planning a party to care for his elderly neighbour - yet Christmas brings out the best in people.

The advert even saw Google name them brand of the week!

2. John Lewis

Best for - Generating Awareness

Everyone expects an all-encompassing tear-jerking Christmas campaign from John Lewis, and this year saw them align with Age UK for a truly delightful Christmas campaign.

You probably know the advert by now, but if not then take a look below:


The Man on the Moon advert raises awareness for the elderly who are alone this Christmas, and this support is something that John Lewis carried on across their digital campaign on the likes of Twitter - as can be seen below:


We applaud you John Lewis - and we’re certainly intrigued to know what you have planned for next year!


3. Sainsbury's

Best for - Appealing across generations

Sainsbury’s haven’t just tried to appeal to adults in their adverts. In fact, with their Christmas effort, they’ve made a big point of using the character of Mog the Cat to appeal to everyone.


Releasing their advert alongside a book and countless toys resonates with John Lewis’ Monty the Penguin offering from 2015. However, we do like a Christmas campaign that stretches beyond just the advert - and we certainly appreciate that Sainsbury’s well and truly brought their Christmas mascot, Mog, to life.


4. Lidl

Best for - Video Content


We hear all the time how important video is in a digital marketing campaign, and Lidl certainly stepped up and took note this Christmas.

Alongside their Lidl school of Christmas advert, they also posted Christmas School videos on YouTube to help their customers prepare for the big day online.

We love this innovative use of video in their digital marketing campaign, and we also love the way Lidl are showing their customers a little bit of love via their classes.

Take a look below at one of their masterclasses to get a taste for their campaign!

5. Asda

Best for - Social Media

Everyone loves a good hashtag on social media, and for a retail company, it’s a great way to monitor what people are saying about your brand.

So this is exactly what Asda utilised during their Christmas campaign.

The hashtag even manages to get on television. During the advert, Asda follows people around who are getting into the festive spirit. Putting antlers on their work van or watching the same Christmas films over and over is followed up by .


And the soundtrack that makes the most of the upbeat song by Fleur East called Sax means you can’t help but feel a little giddy inside.

It’s a campaign that translated perfectly to social as can be seen below:


Good for you, Asda!


Christmas Marketing Campaigns

So which one was your favourite Christmas campaign? With so many amazing choices - it's certainly hard to pick!

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